In 2017, Apple released the iPhone SE, a tiny phone with a lot of power. The phone is only tiny when compared with the current big-screened smartphones on the market today. With so many customers hanging onto their 4-inch iPhone 5 models because of the convenient screen size, Apple stepped up and provided a more powerful phone in a conveniently small package. Size is no indicator of quality, though. The SE includes many of the features that made the iPhone 6s so popular, and it’s a powerhouse of technology that you should check out.

A Fast Processor and an M9 Chip

The iPhone SE has an A9 processor and an M9 coprocessor, which gives it the same speed that the iPhone 6s boasts. That’s the technology that lets the “Hey, Siri” feature remain always on without draining your phone of battery. The M9 also has motion detectors, giving the SE fabulous fitness capabilities. It can figure out your walking or running pace without you having to turn on GPS and drain your battery.

The Camera of a Bigger Phone

Anyone who Instagrams knows how important a phone camera is. Many people opt for bigger phones than they really need because they want the latest and most high-tech phone camera available. The 12-megapixel camera in the SE shoots the same live photos that came out with the iPhone 6s. It also comes with iSight, Focus Pixels, and True Tone Flash. Get a 63-megapixel panorama and a 4K video with the iPhone SE. That’s considerably better than what the iPhone 6 has to offer.

A High Resolution Screen

high resolution screen

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This 4-inch screen offers high resolution for picture viewing and video streaming. The screen resolution is 1,136 by 640 pixels. When you’re using FaceTime, you get 720 pixel HD video. The iPhone SE paired with a reliable network like T-Mobile gives you the very best quality when using video chat features, so you’ll never experience blurriness or lag from your end. Enjoy video chatting with your favorite people, or watch your favorite shows and videos when you’re away from your TV and laptop.

Outer Technology Worth Having

The SE has a 4-inch body, which makes it the same size as the old iPhone 5s that many people miss so much. This smaller metal body still packs a lot inside it. The camera lens doesn’t stick out the way it does on the 6, 6s, and 7 because the SE is a little bit thicker. You still get the same fingerprint reader on the newer iPhone models, providing extra security and convenience. Apple has upgraded the battery life in the SE, so it’s considerably better than that in the 5 and 5s. The SE is available in four colors: space gray, gold, rose gold, and silver.

Wireless Capabilities

The SE has Wi-Fi calling options, which allows you to contact your friends and family even when you have no cellular reception. You can also wirelessly connect your Bluetooth devices with the SE’s Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Pair your favorite wireless headphones, speakers, and other devices seamlessly to this phone.

Lots of Storage Space

The SE might be a smaller phone, but it doesn’t skimp on storage space. Your storage options run from a modest 16 GB to an intense 128 GB. To put it into perspective, that 128 GB offers you the space to hold 56,000 photos or 18,000 songs. Of course, using iCloud gives you even more storage options, including backing up that precious data (such as your photos and videos).

If you love having a huge screen, the SE won’t be for you. If you’ve been craving something smaller than even the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s, you should head to the T-Mobile store and hold one of these diminutive phones. In fact, Apple has effectively cornered the small-screen phone market right now. Most phones with this many features are much bigger, and smaller models simply can’t compete with the processing power and camera resolution that the iPhone SE offers. This is an impressive release from a company that seemed to be heading in a large direction with its phones.