Thanks to the explosion of the short-term rental industry, countless new products and services such as pricing optimization tools and Airbnb management automation software solutions have been launched to help hosts streamline and automate certain processes. One such tool that has many hosts walking on air is AirGMS.

What is AirGMS?

Launched in 2015 by fellow Airbnb hosts, AirGMS is already helping hosts from all across the globe. It is a comprehensive vacation rental software that empowers its users to manage their bookings, guest communication, booking alterations and day-to-day tasks much more efficiently.

Who should use AirGMS?

It does not matter if you are simply an Airbnb host who is currently only dreaming about getting more properties or an already established property management company, this software is the ideal tool that will help you to offer your guests first-class service for the entire duration of their stay. As a matter of fact, hosts with 1-4 listings can use it free of charge.

What are the advantages?

One of the unique features that set AirGMS apart from other software solutions on the market is that it boasts native Airbnb integration. Therefore, it is an indispensable tool for Airbnb hosts especially.

It is perfect for hosts with multiple listings. If you, for instance, manage listings for other Airbnb hosts, you will be glad to know that you can connect as many Airbnb accounts as required without having to waste any time to log  in and out all the time. What is more, the software also provides multi-platform synchronization and, therefore, users will be able to sync all their calendar data from any short-term rental booking website via iCal. This feature is great to help prevent double-bookings!

AirGMS offers its users a multi-calendar feature that enables them to look at all their future reservations, block out specific dates that the property will not be available to rent out and adjust pricing. This feature will also help users to stay in control of the different check-ins and checkouts that have been scheduled for the day. This means that users will always know when the cleaning crew should be ready.

What is more, thanks to its team management feature, users can grant their cleaning crew access to the AirGMS platform so that they can take a look at their scheduled tasks for a specific booking. Users are in control of the level of access that a cleaner has and, therefore, they can rest assured that personal information will remain confidential.

Guest communication can be a very time-consuming task. With the help of AirGMS, users will be able to respond to guest inquiries much faster. Users can create templates with the instructions for check-in and checkout using the responses that they frequently use. What is more, users can then send an automated “trigger” message at a specific time or date.

Every host will be able to tell you that it is crucial to get reviews in order to boost your ranking on Airbnb and get more bookings. Though, it is a lot more difficult to get those five-star reviews, if you do not show initiative and review your guests first. Now what AirGMS does is to help is to automate this reviews process by creating templates that hosts can automatically send after a stay.

How does it work?

In short, AirGMS integrates with your Airbnb account. This way the common operations are extended so that you can manage your Airbnb listings more efficiently. The best part is that it is oh-so-simple to set up. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of their dashboard, users will be able to navigate their way easily to manage both their Airbnb listings as well as listings from other third-party vacation rental websites effortlessly.

To accommodate users’ different needs and budgets, AirGMS offers three different pricing plans offering unique features. Hosts can opt for the Free Plan (for users with 1-4 listings), Pro Plan or Business Plan.

All in all, AirGMS is an extremely useful tool that will help hosts to save a significant amount of time. Short-term rental owners who are thinking about buying more Airbnb property will be able to manage their properties more efficiently with this all-in-one software solution.