Gone are the days when card games where looked down upon. Over the years, gaming has shifted gears and has entered the internet world, gaining significant traction. Today, as per the Google – KPMG report, the gaming industry in India stands at $290 million, and is expected to grow to $1 billion by 2021.

One major chunk of this industry is the range of card games including rummy card games. Yes, previously players used to shy away from this game as it was associated with gambling. However, with the ruling of the Honorable Supreme Court of India, rummy is a legal game and comes under the category of skill. If you are thinking, is this the only reason, well there are some more important points to look at.

Card games going digital

Identifying a physical location with buddies to play the card game is a challenge. But as more and more digital platforms for online card games come into play, life has become smooth for players. Each of these websites are 100% legal and are open to all players from India. With million of players enjoying card games via apps, desktop and mobile, it is no more something that’s stared upon. So, if a user has 5 different game apps installed, online rummy app is one of them.

Many checks and balances in place

Another thing that card games are often associated with is addiction and striking a balance in life. With online games, every website has set limits and even to a certain extent controls the time you spend playing card games. Which other gaming segment does that? Neither there is any threat to get addicted to the game nor spending over a limit, even when you are playing real rummy games.

No cheating involved

Another reason why card games were looked down on was because of the amount of cheating that could happen in a physical card game. Players, used to feel uncomfortable playing with unknown people or places. There was always a chance that the cards would be manipulated, and the authenticity of the game compromised. However, online games have ruled out this possibility as well. With RNG certifications, iTech Labs certification and more, these websites are 100% secure to play games with live players without any kind of cheating involved.

Anonymous playing from anywhere anytime

Players don’t need to make any changes in their lifestyle to enjoy rummy. So, office and personal life goes on the way it has always. You can register with any rummy website with a username and play the game on your mobile or desktop just like any other game. Where players got frowns to go to a casino or a common place to play rummy, now they can do right at any time and any place.

With players joining the best of card players from the country, they get a healthy dose of competition mixed with excitement and thrill associated with card games.