Why You Should Order A Tamper-Resistant Time Clock

It is essential to have a system in the workplace with which to track the number of hours each employee works. Failure to do so can have financially disastrous results, as the following description shows.

An employer runs a computer shop. He believes that all his employees are honest, up-standing workers, who would never dream of cheating him, but he is mistaken. One especially hardened employee is incredibly lazy–he takes any excuse he can to slip out of doing his work. The employer has recently upgraded the time-keeping system from the wall-mounted clock installed some time before the last Ice Age to a cutting-edge, biometric USB time clock. Unbeknownst to the supervisor, the lazy employee does not like the new arrangement one bit, for it does not allow him and his friend to come in late and punch in for each other. The lazy employee decides to take action.

One evening, when the shop is being shut down for the night and all the other employees are going home, the lazy employee is still tooling about pretending to be working. In reality, he is waiting for all of the other employees to leave the building so he can perform some clandestine operations.

The moment everyone is gone and he is alone in the building, the employee sidles cautiously over the time clock and works on it for approximately five minutes, standing with his back to the camera so that his actions cannot be recorded. Then the employee leaves the worksite.

The next day, at 11:30 a.m., the lazy employee is in bed, snoring contently instead of working like he should be. The employee continues to stay home in bed for the entire week. At the end of the week, the boss pays him a full check, never dreaming that the company has been cheated out of 50 hours of work.

The fictional story above shows how important it is to have tamper-resistant time clocks in a business. If the time clock is not fool-proof, an employee can cheat his boss out of thousands of dollars.
There are a wide variety of time clock systems available to help corporations and businesses with their time keeping needs. If you currently are using an old-fashioned time clock, consider upgrading to a modern time clock now. Your business will thank you, and you won’t regret the decision.

You should order now, while time clocks are relatively inexpensive.