The city of a gambler’s dreams

Of course, there are lots of excellent shows, spectacular hotels, excellent foods and shopping to enjoy, each hotel has its attractions, as city excursions and the Grand Canyon do, but… Are those the chief reasons people pay visits to LV?

Obviously, one of the main desires of those who are going to Las Vegas is to return home with more money than their wallet was laden with on the beginning. And LV has become the Mecca of all gamblers and those looking for easy money.

In all, there are 122 registered casinos cram-full of slot machines, card game tables, roulettes and other means of entertainment in the Sin City. Each year, more than 39 million people visit the city; in 2012 alone tourists made the city richer by leaving there in bets the revenue of $6.2 billion.

 The celebrated Black Jack


However, among all the games that can be met in Las Vegas, there is one with the best odds – the renowned BlackJack, of course. The rules are well-known and hilariously simple. The dealer gives two cards to the player and one for him or her; then the player will ask for more cards to get as close to 21 as possible without going over.

Monotony and simplicity notwithstanding, Blackjack is acknowledged as the second most popular game in Las Vegas, and we all know why. Anyone can play, the dealer can explain the game on the spot, and also there is not competing against experts as there necessarily would be if one played poker.

According to UK live casino, the probability of winning in the game of blackjack is 42.42%, and, consequently, 8.48 to 49.09% tables lose. Still, with a little luck and cunning, it is possible to earn up to 14 million dollars playing 21, as did Don Johnson in 2011.

In Las Vegas, the best place to play BlackJack is thought to be Alamo, a small casino at the corner of Blue Diamond Road and Dean Martin Drive.

 How to have fun in LV almost for free

Of course, gambling is not the only pebble on the beach when you go exploring Las Vegas. Many people liken LV to a huge Disneyland for adults – except for there is an actual Disney-styled park for children. Gambling is just one of the reasons to visit the place, there are plenty of things to see and do too, the scenery is spectacular and bars are rhymed by visitors of all epochs. It’s fun, and sometimes you forget you wanted to play at all, especially if there are friends of yours with many a holiday plan.

Surely, lots of dyed-in-the-wool gamblers would think it is foolish to go to LV and not play, seeing that the choices are endless. Even in this case, though, Las Vegas has some unobvious things and surprises. For example, some gambling places offer you a free drink while you are playing. It sometimes worth it to go to explore fruit machines and spend no more than five cents to get some beer gratis!