If you are thinking why your booking engine isn’t making enough profits then it is probably because you haven’t taken the right measures to turn it into a revenue driving platform! Well, visuals have a huge impact on a viewer’s mind and have the power to influence any decision of the consumer. This is why it is always advised by the experts to focus on the design of the website if you want to increase your sales. But for completing the reservation process your consumers will have to visit your booking platform. The moment they will click on the booking option they will be directed straight to your hotel’s booking engine. So no matter how unique and appealing your website designs are if they are not consistent with those of the booking system then they will not be able to relate to it. It will not only create confusion but will also discourage the consumers from making the reservations. This is why while designing your website you must maintain a consistency in the design, look and feel of both your website and your Internet booking engine.

The Availability of Services

Most websites focus more on the features and services offered by the hotels instead of stating clearly the availability of rooms. If you do not want to confuse your viewers and waste their time you need to be transparent about the availability of the rooms and keep such crucial information updated all the time. Another common issue faced by most hotels is the abandonment of reservations. In most cases, this is mainly because of the lack of information or directions during the reservation process. According to the experts, you need to have a progress bar on the top of the page that will display the number of pages or the steps that are left for completing the booking process. This way, consumers will be able to continue with the entire process confidently and will not feel the need to change their mind.

Using Pictures and Videos

It is quite common for hotels to use pictures on their websites that showcases the various rooms and other aspects of the property like pools and restaurants. But this is not all, you need to include other images too if you want to leave a strong and long lasting impact on the mind of the viewer. While viewing the images they should get an idea of the total package that is offered by your hotels. Not only this, if you want to sell your packages or the add-ons then you need to focus on the amenity images too. This way while booking the rooms they will be inclined to try out these amenities too.

Adding the Filters

While describing your rooms and amenities you must keep it in mind that there should always be consistency in between the descriptions on the website and the ones at the booking engine. It will not only confuse the viewers but will also make them leave. So make sure that the descriptions are consistent and the amenities are pointed out clearly along with the description of each and every room. This way, customers will know everything that they can expect from the room they selected which will surely make them feel more confident about the reservation. In case you want to further enhance the experience of your customers, you can introduce new filters on your website which will help the viewers to customize their search results while looking for a room.