The point of sale software has become a must even for small and single-shop retailers. The retailers gain positive reputation and saves a lot in terms of time and effort in managing sales and stock using the software. The market has a lot of POS systems and you need to be careful when choosing the right system for your business. You need a system that has many features that will help your business to grow. However, you need to choose a system that has basic features that the business requires. If your firm has another way of retailing, you need to speak to your software provider to customize your package to suit what you require. Here are top 5 must have features that a retail management software need to have for your business.

Fast billing

Fast billing is the basic requirement of a retail management software. It needs to help you bill products with ease and update accounting and inventory modules if available. The point of sale software allows the users to integrate with barcode readers which scans the attached codes on the products and fetches pricing and name details from the database. It will also have an attached printer for the retailer to print retails invoices and hands it to the buyer. In case you are doing online sales, you need to make sure that you can print required formats so that you ship or send the products to the clients.

Management of inventory

After billing, the most crucial aspect that follows is management of inventory. A robust inventory management system that accompanies your point of sale software makes the system usable and reliable. You will check the inventory items in demand simultaneously, make an analysis over a particular period, and plan purchases accordingly. You will also get analytics on items that sell in particular locations or certain season of the year. Some retail management software come with purchase systems that send orders automatically through email to respective suppliers via the software.

Customer data

Customer relation management or CRM is important for all retail companies. Since you are directly dealing with customers, if you have the ability to take good care of your frequent clients, they will remain loyal for a long period and bring in more referrals with their content reviews. You have the opportunity to offer special schemes or discounts to regular customers that will make them remain happy. You will use the data to spend special newsletters and mailers to your esteemed customers informing them of new store premises opening and the latest products addition.

Analytics and reporting

Any digital info is crucial when you want to draw meaningful analytics and reports from them. Real-time accounting reports and sales data or profitability reports are the best way of ensuring that you stay on the right track. You require immediate alerts as a result of any downward trends. After getting thee alerts, you will track them immediately by making an analysis and taking the required corrective actions. Analytical info like sales reports of commodities that sell, mapping locations or customers to sales, and other similar data that will help you concentrate on weak locations to improve and boost your sales.


Mobility matters a lot because many people buy while on the go. Many people like placing orders while moving and you need to fulfill them on the go also. Time is crucial for people and they do not have time to wait the order to be confirmed. You can use the retail software on your tablet to process orders so that your customers become satisfied and happy.


The above requirements are just but basic. Competitive retail management software vendors are integrating content and other aspects in the software to give a complete retail solution. You need to take system management employees who can assist you to find out available resources or solutions and other aspects like e-commerce solutions to get to all customers in the world.