It can probably be argued the every change in technology affects the way products and services are marketed. With every new techy toy, there is a new chance to market. And with every new techy way of communication, a gateway opens up to new marketing techniques.

From that then, we’re just left to discern how we can use all of these adjustments both for our own personal and business advantage, and also how it makes life better for those willing to jump into the shark pond. The following categories deal with some of the ways that technology has created these shifts.

Consider the History of Digital Marketing

If you read the history of digital marketing, you’ll see that the birth of it was synonymous with the birth of a new technology, so it’s no surprise to see this marriage continue in the long run as well. Once again, the point of having this knowledge is not so much just know it, as it is to use it to add to your personal marketing savvy.

Social Media Now Rules All

And what about the technology revolving around social media? It’s incredible how the landscape for marketers has changes so drastically since the power of the people to promote what they like has taken center stage. And still early in its incorporation, you can potentially use social media marketing to take your business ideas to a new level of completion in an incredibly short period of time, and many, many simple ideas have taken on a life of their own once put into the social digital puddle out there.

The Move From Desktops To Mobile Phones

Another change in technology and in culture has affected marketing and its available tactics as well. Lots of online marketing was specifically aimed at desktop users for many years, but now that smart phone access is more used than desktop access, think of what that changes for advertisers and marketers. In a word – everything!

What Is Modern Personalization?

And the level of personalization that’s possible in modern marketing is quite fascinating too, thanks to technology that tracks all of the movement that people utilize when browsing various websites. Certain people think of it as being invasive, whereas others are glad to have their preferences known, as that way the advertising will be more relevant.

The Use Of Language

Technology has changed language dramatically, especially over the last several years, and with it, marketers have had to learn how to use things like abbreviated language and emojis to start communicating with their target audiences. Once again, these changes are not necessarily bad or good, but they do require adaptation from all parties concerned.