No matter how many apps you’ve downloaded — or have been downloaded by your kids during hijackings of your phone, these 9 are not only incredible, but completely free!

  • Amazon Remembers

amazon remembers

Who knows how many times you’ve wanted to remember something to look up (be it a book or camera battery type), but lacked a pen & paper only to forgot the details later. Well, enter Amazon Remembers — an incredible free iTunes app that allows you to snap a picture of an item you want to remember with your iPhone camera. The photo is stored in the app, uploaded to Amazon’s website where a real person reviews it and tries to find a match for the product. When they do, you receive an email and alert with the requisite links to the product. Simply brilliant!

  • Shazam


Another outstanding iTunes app is Shazam. This app is incredible whether you use it to identify a tune you just cannot place or if you hear a song you fall in love with and want to know whose singing. Click your Shazam and discover music, artists, videos and lyrics to boot!

  • Waze


Where would we be without iTunes’ free Waze app? Literally. Finding sought after items and music is great, but finding your way is another story! Who actually remembers driving without the world’s largest, community-based traffic and navigation app?

  • Casino Games

casino games

Combining your love of locating things with your love of gaming is Casino Games. This outstanding, user-friendly app places lists of top casino sites at your fingertips — no head-ache inducing searches, and presents you with the best online casino games for actual play. Loads of fun to be had!

  • Online Casino

online casino

Still on the topic of the best online gaming destinations for enthusiasts, Online Casino is the perfect app for the greatest Vegas-style experience. The app features a wide variety of high-quality games with stunning graphics and design, terrific usability, reviews of all the platforms, and more.

  • Online Roulette


If it’s not just any game you’re after, but Roulette, this iTunes’ app is your go-to-destination. Online Roulette will have hooked on spinning the wheel from your handheld, whilst you enjoy a variety of leading online roulette platforms; a chat feature; options for all levels; plenty bonuses; and more surprises to thrill and entertain.

  • Sports Bet Reviews


If lounge sports are your form of exercise (i.e. those involving remaining seated) then this app is worth its weight in gold. Sports Bet Reviews is the perfect pocket companion for sports betting enthusiasts providing unbiased reviews of the best sports bet platforms and placing reliable information at your fingertips.

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition


Another pocket companion is this incredible game that no serious iPhone gamer should be without. We all know Minecraft is not just for the kids so delve into the adventures of randomly generated worlds, build to your hearts content, and even play with friends.

  • Temple Run 2

temple run

No list would be complete without mention of this sensational phenomenon. The latest Temple Run 2 free iTunes app certainly packs a punch when it comes to fantastic new features, superb graphics and gameplay, as well as more obstacles that will have your fingers running, jumping, turning and sliding for hours!