Calls recording is quite a niche task that is not important to most people, so this capability was not included in the basic iOS package. However, if such a need arises, it is usually quite important. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can do this, so let’s take a look and you may pick one that is suitable for you.

IPhone Apps

The App Store offers a lot of solutions, some are quite good, some are hilariously bad. Here are the three best ones, in our opinion:


Record call offers you basically everything you want from such an app: there is no restriction on the direction of recorded calls, audio files are stored on your device and, thus, are safe, you can play them in full, manage and share recordings.

The price is rather low: you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $1,99. Also, you’ll get 3 days for free to check the app out.

Rev Call Recorder

This is. perhaps, the most interesting among free apps. With it, you can record all the calls, regardless of their direction and immediately download the audio files. In addition, there is a transcription service with human translators ready to assist you.

But there is one severe limitation – it works only with US phone numbers.

Call Recorder Pro

In addition to all the standard features of its competitors, this one offers a unique capability: you can start recording the call that is already in progress, which can be quite handy.

However, the app is pricey: $10 for 300 minutes of recording, $5 for 150 minutes and $1 for 30. Also, all the recordings are stored on the company’s server.

Google Voice

Usually Google services aren’t the first one to come to mind for iPhone users – Google is more associated with Android. However, Google Voice still works on iOS and is completely free and really easy to use. It even keeps you safe from the law – both parties receive an audio warning that recording takes place at the start of the conversation.

However, you can only record incoming calls.

Using external voice recorder

It is by far the most reliable way: you don’t have to rely on any third party, all files are stored on your recorder, which is not directly connected to the internet, so no one can access them. However, these devices are expensive – a decent one will cost you at least 30 bucks. In addition, you’ll have to look for a device compatible with iPhone earphone port, or having a Bluetooth capability, or special external microphone for calls recording.

Whatever method you prefer, make sure to get permission to record, if required in your jurisdiction and check your local laws with your lawyer.