Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based package for business productivity tools, combining Office 365, Enterprise Mobility+Security, and Windows 10.

Microsoft combined all the applications and tools in Office 365 with EM+S and the operating system and sold them in one subscription package. Everything you need in one subscription package.

The package is priced per user and month and contains the following tools:

Exchange Online

Exchange Online is your email server that is transferred to the cloud. Your emails are cloud-hosted for a specific amount of fee.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint is a Microsoft cloud storage and collaboration tool for businesses worldwide. SharePoint Online offers cloud storage with data protection, sharing, and co-authorship capabilities.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the tool recommended for any business. It is more than just a tool for video conferencing, chat, voice, and video calling. It is a collaboration platform that provides additional layers of features (like an ongoing conversation), enhancing communication and workflow between teammates.

Office ProPlus

Office ProPlus includes all previous Office desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Access.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

EM+S provides additional layers of protection for your business data. EM+S protects your business data with features such as mobile device management and identity management.

In addition to the OS and other tools such as Yammer and Planner, it establishes the whole Microsoft 365 package.

Five Ways Microsoft 365 Improves Workplace Productivity

The Internet results in the making the business faster and more efficient day by day. Cooperation and communication are extraordinary; file storage and sharing are safer and quicker than ever before. All you need now to enjoy these benefits is a subscription and a computer – thanks to the cloud.

Already-familiar tools with Microsoft 365 Office ProPlus

Microsoft 365 consists of well-known and well-used enterprises and business tools of Microsoft Office. Your team can quickly adjust with little or no additional training.

Work collaboration with Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online allows employees to work on the same document, store and share files quickly and securely. SharePoint provides secure cooperation and collaboration environment.

Build stronger teams with Microsoft 365

The tools from Microsoft 365 allow team members to work on the same document, share files, and communicate from anywhere in the world.

It means that you can build virtual teams. Also, freelancers, independent workers, and consultants can be hired. Tools like SharePoint Online allow team members to work and share documents quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.

Reduced downtime

Using Office 365 does not require any physical installation, special software licensing, or trained engineers. No need for monthly maintenance or updates. This eliminates the clutter usually associated with those activities and helps the business run smoothly.

A secure work environment with Enterprise Mobility and Security

The security and safety of business data and customer data is a priority. Data is the new currency, making cybersecurity a critical part of your business. Microsoft 365 provides additional layers of Security through EM+S, reducing the possibility of hacking your business data, putting you in front of hackers and attacks.


These are just some of the many productivity benefits the Microsoft 365 suite offers. Still, it doesn’t provide a proper backup for Office 365. Luckily some third-party vendors offer Office 365 backup solutions.

There are many external security threats to your data: ransomware, malicious applications, phishing, account hijacking, and data theft.

To help its users, Office 365 offers a range of valuable tools to improve the security of your data. One such tool is the Microsoft 365 Center for Security and Compliance, which is basically a resource center and conformity assessment system for IT administrators.

From there, you can set security settings related to phishing protection, primary data loss prevention, access and threat management, and more.