For anyone running their own website, the data that you collect can give you invaluable insights about how your site is doing and what changes you can make to see some marked improvements. However, if you’re more concerned with metrics that are merely about vanity, you might not be looking at the right data to help you make the best decision.

So to help ensure that you’re using the best possible information to make your business decisions, here are three metrics to watch to determine if your website is doing well. 

How Your Traffic Is Trending

While getting any traffic coming to your website is going to be a good thing, it’s the way your traffic is trending that will be the greatest indicator of if your website is doing well. 

If you’ve had great traffic in the past but have seen a dip recently, this could be a sign that you need to do something different in order to get your traffic back up. But if you notice that your traffic is trending in an upward direction, even if it’s not as large of a number as you might like, this may be a sign that what you’re doing as far as marketing your business is working and you should continue to invest your money and resources in these avenues. 

Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

Another metric that can help you learn how well your website is doing is where your website traffic is coming from

Although getting traffic from anywhere is going to be better than getting no traffic, if you’re having to pay for the traffic that’s coming in, you’ll likely have to continue paying for this traffic in the future as well. But if you’re able to get most of your traffic coming in organically, like from search engine result pages or people directly typing in your website URL, you can know that these people are actually wanting to come to your site and use your products or services. 

Your Bounce Rate

When people finally make it to your website, it’s ideal for them to stay on there for as long as possible and eventually convert. However, this isn’t always the case.

To help you learn how you can improve your numbers with conversions and time on your website, one metric to keep an eye on is bounce rate. Finding out where people are leaving your website can help you improve those pages and figure out a way to close any holes that make people end their time on your site. 

If you want to get a really clear picture of how well your website is doing, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn from the most vital metrics.