Players who enjoy gambling online aren’t just looking for the best online games, but also for platforms that can support their gaming activity. The best online casinos on the internet offer a host of perks and advantages to their players, but platform accessibility is not a luxury – it’s a prerequisite.

Let’s see why platform compatibility is important in online gambling and which platforms are used the most.

Playing on Different Platforms

When we talk about platforms, we mean devices and OS that support gambling games. For instance, most veteran players are used to desktop (PC) gaming, as it has been the core gaming platform for casino games for a very long time.

However, with the addition and expansion of the online casino industry, the demand for something more practical became a priority. Players like to move around – going out means you are inclined to take your gaming with you. But who wants to bother with transferring an entire computer just to play games?

Hence, mobile phones – and mobile games – started a discussion about the possibility of adding extra platforms to the desktop one.

When it comes to operating systems, games found their way to Windows, Apple, and even Linux-powered devices over the years. Today, given how many players enjoy gambling on their phones or tablet, Android has become the number one mobile OS in the gambling community. Windows remains unbeatable in the desktop gambling domain.

The Perks of Having Multiple Device Options

What does platform compatibility have to do with your gaming? Well, turns out, a lot. Online casino operators are playing in a highly competitive market, so they need to have enough options to offer to attract potential customers.

Besides incorporating hundreds or thousands of games, banking options, and bonuses, they also aim to bring the gaming experience to every possible device. That means you get the perk of playing anywhere you want – at home, in the park, at the airport – literally anywhere you want (provided the laws in your country allow it). This is a significant jump from brick-and-mortar casino venues that players must visit in person to play gambling games.

The biggest perk of having multiple devices at your disposal means you don’t have to compromise any longer. What you get on desktop matches the offer you get on mobile or tablet in all aspects. That means most games are available in mobile mode, as well as online promotions and bonuses.

So, in short, having the ability to play games on several devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even smartwatches means you get to enjoy gambling anywhere you want, whenever you want, without having to sacrifice or lose any part of your gaming experience.

Common Devices Used for Online Gambling

Having options is a great thing, but what exactly are those options? What do players commonly use for playing online casino games?

Well, besides desktop devices such as PCs and laptops, they also use smartphones and tablets. Smartphones are currently the most popular type of device, as mobile casino sites host millions of players worldwide. More and more players are switching to handheld devices because they are practical, easy to use, and work anywhere, not just at home. The practicality of smartphones is one of the key advantages gambling operators use to attract new punters.

On the other hand, tablets have proved to be a worthy opponent to mobile phones as they are just as easy to carry but have a bigger screen. Depending on the game genre, having a screen that’s just a bit bigger than the average smartphone can be the deciding factor. Live games, streamed from studios and real casinos in real-time, have many minute details that players like to focus on. The resolution is another important detail, so it’s not surprising players like to have bigger screens (but portable also) to watch the action closely.

Sadly, tablets have one single disadvantage that keeps them from winning first place in the race for the most popular device – accessibility. Not everyone has a tablet. Most people nowadays have a phone, but tablets remain a luxury or addition that not many players need or possess. Why would they when they have phones that perform in gaming just as well as tablets?

Smartwatch Gambling

There’s another device used for gambling but it’s not as popular as these three. Have you ever heard of smartwatch gambling? If not, let us introduce you to the newest trend in gambling where operators allow their players to sign in and play casino games using their smartwatches! The smartwatch market is expanding, and with new updates, more and more features become available for punters. A case in point is the new Garmin Instinct® Esports Edition smartwatch which is designed to support gaming. Gambling games are still not as popular as other games (or features) but it’s just a question of time before tech-savvy players switch to gambling on their smartwatches.