Solitaire is a logic-based game, which means it gets the juices flowing in your head. You’re trying to have a good time and relax with an app game, but you’ve forgotten about one of the best digital card games in existence – solitaire!, you can also Play solitaire online.

But, it’s not just about having fun. It gets your brain moving, keeps your skills sharp, and allows you to reap the benefits of a cognitive-based game while also having something to do (and killing time, if you’re into that sort of thing).

Here are three ways that solitaire improves your brain:

Cognitive Upkeep

We watch mind numbing media all day – adult Americans are projected to watch five hours of media, from YouTube to Netflix, each and every single day. Having something to sharpen your mind by solving puzzles and deducing mathematics will greatly benefit your brain more than anything else.

Quick Thinking

If you ever find yourself feeling sluggish, your mind is trying to go to sleep, but there’s too much to do. We often feel the “Two o’clock burn” at work or feel tired on the train home. It’s not just because you put in a hard day’s work, but because you were performing tasks you do on a daily basis. Treat your mind to a little variety!


Ever run into little issues here and there and you just can’t find a creative solution? You might be getting a little rusty. Solving puzzles and deducing equations (which is what solitaire is without the cards and graphics, when you think about it) can help prepare you to make decisions with creative solutions in the future.

You can play solitaire free right now by heading over to the app store on your Android or iPhone, and get playing. Reap the rewards of a sharper mind today!