As strategies for Sports betting out there are many, many I would say. In the same game if you compare several betting strategies it’s easy to find that each of the strategies consulted can say a different thing. One would say that it’s advisable to bet on the visiting team in others that could lose that same team and in others that the event could end in a draw. Many times it’s better to follow your own instinct, but it is necessary to contrast the decision with the strategy of bets that we have as basic. A good betting strategy widely used by bettors and also by stock fund managers is the criterion.

The Kelly criterion explains a mathematical formula to know the stake that we must bet, and then betting on sports is exciting and fun because matches are usually full of surprises and numerous factors that you have to take into account. In order to understand these factors, we invite you to consult the sportsbook now.

Basic Rules To Follow To Achieve Winning Betting

After the recommendation to start betting, I present the most important points to take into account when it comes to betting.Some ideas may seem absurd, but I would not be making a complete list if I miss them. Let’s go with them:

Manage The Bankroll

The most important thing is to bet the right amount at every moment. You can not be a winning bettor if you deposit €50 and in two bets you “fund” the deposited, you stop betting a time, and you do the same again when you remember to bet.

The key is to decide what percentage of your betting money you have to bet on a particular market. As a summary, say that you should never bet more than 10% of your bankroll in a single market, and never have more than 30% of the same at stake. From here comes the notion of the stake.

This is the only way to get to see your bankroll raise, either by bonds or by your good management of how to bet to get a benefit to your bets.

Respect The Stake

The stake is the unit that measures the money that we have to put our bets, normally is taken as equivalent to a unit of the stake the result of dividing the bankroll by 100, although with bankrolls below 500 euros you can lower that 100 according to The risk that we are going to assume. We must value each bet from 1 to 10, being 10 safe bet and 1 very unlikely bet.

As an example we have a bet with quota 2 that we estimate has a 60% chance of occurring, which would be a stake 6, as the quota 2 is equal to 50% we have found a possible benefit, and we will bet. How much would we bet on a Stake 6? If our bankroll is 100 € the amount that we should bet for stake 6 would be 6 €.

Stay Informed

Information is power and how could it be otherwise also when we are going to make a bet. Imagine that only you, and Luis Enrique of course, know that Leo Messi will not play a certain match. The odds marked by the bookmaker are the presence of the Argentine crack and are above what they should be.

The average bettor is usually the opposite, everyone knows that a player is injured but not informed bet on a fee that is high when in fact that rise is due to information that does not include.

Playing In Several Houses

If we only bet on a bookmaker, we are at the mercy of the quotas that we want to put, without the possibility to verify which is the best quota.

Take Advantage Of Bonuses

Related to the previous point is to take advantage of the welcome bonuses of bookmakers. We can start with a small bankroll that well managed will be much greater after making the route of the bonds, in principle, we offer more than 500 € in welcome bonds that will be more with other bookmakers.

Betting consistently and following the guidelines offered in this article is easy to take the high bonus of any betting house, for many conditions that has as long as the obligatory quota does not exceed 1.70 and we do not have a very short time to get it is a Good bonus.

Find Out The Why Of Each Bet

We can not shoot everything that moves, bet small amount in many markets is not a good strategy, we have to think a lot, and if we do not see something clear as it does not bet, tomorrow there will be more games, and maybe today we see zero options but tomorrow be Three, every day there are markets to bet on.

It is the best advice; it is not enough to say I think Goteborg will win the Allsvenskan, just like that. You have to be able to explain why you think the bet is interesting clearly and we have an advantage over the bookmaker. If we can not do it, we must continue to look for the market where we can explain the reason for our bet.

The Quota Is The Key

It is one of the reasons why we recommend betting on several bookmakers, so always bet on the best odds. Besides betting on the best odds we have to decide if those odds are good, we should only bet on a fee if we think it is wrong and should be lower. By commenting on the stake and the quota, we must always try to improve the quota that we bet; a few cents can decide if we are winners or not in the long term.

Do Not Play Drunk

Drunk or excited by gains or losses on a previous bet. It seems obvious, but it is something that happens more than usual, if you do not fail in the choice of the market, bet twice as much as you have to bet, or even get confused in the choice of the forecast. You have to bet calm, the distractions and euphoria are not good to bet.

It Is About Winning In The Long Run

It is worth nothing to win two days in a row if at the end of the week we are in the negative for having left our rules to bet, betting more money of the optimum according to bankroll and risk of betting, not looking for the best odds or not informing us perfectly of the event in the one we bet.

So far we have come. Stop reading and think about all the information obtained, what follows below is not worth at all. After assimilating what you read, you can visit the article on the different types of bets. Although with the Asian handicap and the mark both you should be worth: Specialize in these two types of bets, and you will be more likely to achieve the goal of being a consistent winner in the world of betting.

Finally, surely you’ve asked yourself several times, what sport can I start betting? Do not worry there are many sports and many types of bets, but you must always keep in mind that the king sport to be able to bet and make money is football.