List of Top 25 Plus Technlogy Blogs of 2016 that allow guest posting/Blogging

top 25 tech blogs

S.No Guest Post URL Google Page Rank Alexa Rank
1 7 3788
2 6 84495
3 4 24509
4 6 77687
5 4 98500
6 4 16670
7 3 62378
8 6 102494
9 6 2231
10 5 6705
11 4 41878
12 4 2198
13 7 1218
14 3 28150
15 5 7556
16 3 49467
17 4 94976
18  3  58083
19  2  144255
20  3  71633
21 8 414
22  3  59782
23  6  75887
24  3  275155
25  4  113775
26  7 11793
27  8  273
28  3 807265

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The benefits for making guest blog posting

What is guest blogging?

One of the most efficient ways for building up a brand, in order to earn recognition and success with profit, guest blogging is an important tool to bang on. Aside to this it can also work as an important tool to understand the taste of the consumers of the products of the company so that the best custom made product can be offered to them and can gain good profit for the organization to make a step forward to the next level of success. Excellently well written content or blog in the guest blogs can bring huge success for the company. you can get posted in the blogs easier by using guest posting services.

So what are the benefits which can be achieved through Guest blogging?

  • It acts as one of the greatest way for building up of own website and enhance the online presence. This will in turn bring an increase in the traffic to the web site on long turn basis
  •  Traffic can easily be directed through the post in faster pace from the guest blog. Use of links is made in the blog posted, which send the user back to guest bloggers actual web site. It benefits by increasing the traffic in great speed.
  • In case you are looking for long term SEO, then too guest blogging is one of the best tools for it. The main reason behind is that search engine gives huge importance to those sites which are having others link which creating back link for the website. It enhances your position and ranking in the search engine site. If you can take a chance to make a blog post on a renowned blog site in a relevant category, this which definitely help you to enjoy a good rank in search engine.
  • Guest blogging helps to earn a good place with social media site. You will get to watch a magical increase in the traffic to your site if your blog post is shared on important social media sites and gain popularity.
  • There are bloggers who only write for their own site with no option for critique comments. But when it is a guest blog post, you will get the opportunity to know what others feel on the blog topic. It always the best for bloggers to write for a bigger population and it gives popularity for the website of the blogger.
  • While making a blog post, in guest blogging site, the traffic earned is targeted. You will enjoy the visits of users through clicking of the links in the post. A perfect toll for marketing the products and services of the websites is guest blogging.

Guest blogging gives you result for you website not only in a short term basis but also in long term basis too by enhancing the volume of traffic to the site. This helps in turn to make your place in the top slot of the search engine which is the ultimate goal for all website owners.