The way of the future is here, and it comes in the form of temporary electronic tattoos that are capable of tracking health information. This medical advancement is seen as beneficial for a variety of reasons including giving doctors the ability to diagnose patients faster by collecting data from the temporary tattoo. Researchers from China, Singapore, and the United States agree that this new concept is better than an implant because it can be easily removed, and is just as worthwhile. 10 key benefits of this product include:


  1. Usage versatility. These thin pieces can be used as kids temporary tattoos when they are in a public setting or they can be used on adults to keep track of basic medical functions.
  2. Ability to carry allergen information. Every person who has a severe allergy has to be on high alert to make sure that they do not accidently come in contact with something that can make them very sick. Undoubtedly, an incidence occurs at some point in their life. The fastest way for medical professionals to find out the cause of their reaction is through these electronic tattoos.
  3. Collect tremor data. One feature of electronic tattoos is that they contain bio stamps. These have the ability to sense things like tremors in patients with Parkinson’s disease. This allows doctors to collect data from the patient and use it to create a better plan of action for treating their disease.
  4. Insulin release. In theory, these could also be used to release insulin at the most optimal time for the body. Making the life of diabetic patients significantly better.
  5. Release drugs. Another potential use for electronic tattoos in terms of health benefits is that they can be designed to release certain drugs that patients need during the day. Additionally, using these bio stamps as a form of pain management can decrease the number of addicts that we see today.
  6. Tracks heart function. Imagine a world where doctors are able to predict a heart attack before it happens. This is exactly the kind of possibility that electronic tattoos bring to life.
  7. Monitor brain function. There are numerous instances were individuals who have strokes do not even know it. The intensity of a stroke can vary greatly from one patient to another and so can underlying damage. Electronic tattoos would have the ability to monitor brain function and feed it back to physicians who would be able to then tend to patients faster after having a stroke.
  8. Easy to use. As the opportunities for use with electronic tattoos can be vast, one of the biggest benefits is how easy they will be to use. These can be applied onto the skin by children or adults and will naturally dissolve or easily rub off when they are completed each day.
  9. Child tracking. Although some people may feel unsettled by the concept, the ability to track a child or person is another potential feature of electronic tattoos. This can be particularly useful if you have children in a large area where they may get lost or if you have a senior in your life with dementia.
  10. The last potential benefit is that these bio stamps are flexible. They can go anywhere on the body and are very small so as to not bother the wearer.