Classic Indian rummy game is not just a card collecting game, it is also a card discarding game. Did you know that strategically discarding cards during the game can help you win the game? Yes, you heard it right. If you are not that well versed with the rules of the game, then reading up and learning 13 cards rummy rules is always a good idea. Here are some five card discard tips that you can use for your next rummy game:

Track your opponent’s Discards

Rummy needs a lot of attention and memory power to play. Always keep track of your moves as well as your opponent’. Also, you must keep track of your opponent’s discards as well during the game. As you can select cards from the discard pile, keep a keen eye on the cards that come in here. There is a good chance that the card you need will be there.

Wisely Discard from your 13 Cards

Be attentive in the game. Follow the moves of your opponents or to be more precise the cards they play. While keeping track of the game you would be able to pretty much figure out the cards each player has and doesn’t have. Use this to your advantage and discard the unwanted cards from your deck wisely. Always keep in mind that the cards that you discard may be useful to another player.

Strategically Discard Identical Cards

When you are dealt with a set of cards, you may find identical cards with it. First check if you can use it to make any sets and if not, only then try to discard the same. Discarding identical cards must be done with caution as somebody else might be able to use it to complete their set. Keep the gameplay in mind and select the right time to discard the card strategically.

Discard Highest Scoring Cards Strategically

The points in a rummy game is calculated by the value of the cards left in the player’s hand at the end of each game. The cards with the highest value has maximum points. As the aim is to reduce this point, discard the high value cards as the game progresses; if and only if, it doesn’t make any sets or sequences. Keep track of the game and select the right moment you feel to discard the same from your deck. The advantage of discarding such cards is that even if you end up losing the game and you will only gain less points.

Discard Cards Close to Joker

In every game of rummy, more than one wild Joker is selected. Make use of the joker wisely to complete the sets or sequences in your hand. At times a random card is selected to be the wild joker – say 3 of hearts. At such a time, try to discard the cards that are close to it such as 1 of hearts, 2 of hearts, 4 of hearts and 5 of hearts. Your opponent may not want to make a pure sequence with jokers, so there is a chance that they may not use the cards discarded by you.

These five tips are just the basic ideas to let you win a game of classic Indian rummy with the help of discarding rules. It is advisable that you read up on the game rules to learn how to play Indian rummy to get the hang of it and start winning.