To find the perfect solution for your Internet Service needs the choice of Internet access for your company must be carefully studied. For this, it is important to ask you the right questions: How much debit do you need? What are the essential telephone services for you? Do you need to use a fax machine? A professional mobile phone? At Sky contact number they understand how vital a fast internet connection is to your organization, and then they like informing their customers on the different types of connections accessible to them. Before you decide to opt for the very first ISP, you check with, ensure you understand the various kinds of internet connections out there.

Business Internet: What speed?

Choose According To Your Use

The Internet speed you will need depends of course on the number of employees who will use the same connection but also the services you want to benefit your company: telephony over IP, reception of fax, the creation of a website. One SME less Of 50 employees will not logically need the same bit rates as a large company, which does not mean that two companies of the same size require the same data rates for their Internet access. Only one factor is to be taken into account: professional activity.

An SME that regularly exchanges large files will need a higher throughput than a company that works on the phone.

Guaranteed Or Unsecured Debit?

Internet access offers for companies have the characteristic of being able to guarantee, in some cases, the throughput of your connection. To fully understand, the guaranteed throughput means that your operator ensures a constant throughput of your Internet access in all circumstances. As part of a business that requires an Internet connection to work, ADSL and SDSL with guaranteed throughput are advised. Conversely, unsecured ADSL can be sufficient if its use remains punctual.

Asymmetric Or Symmetrical Flow?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) offers Internet access generally adapted to the needs of a very small company. With broadband speeds higher than rising speeds, hence the term asymmetric, ADSL is not always sufficient for the activity of an SME.

The SDSL provides high-speed Internet access for professionals. These high-speed connections meet the specific requirements of professional Internet access by offering guaranteed symmetric speeds for simultaneous and high-performance transmission in both directions. For companies wishing to take advantage of the reliability of very high speed, pro packages offer speeds up to 100 Mbits.

Recovery Time Guarantee (RPP)

It represents the time to restore your connection that the operator guarantees in the event of a breakdown. Be cautious about the expected reserves in this type of case. It is also recommended to pay particular attention to the compensation provided for in the event of contractual recovery time being exceeded. The daily flat-rate compensatory allowance shown may be inadequate about the loss of turnover caused by the breakdown.

Professional Box Or Modem?

Most corporate Internet service providers now offer business boxes for entrepreneurs, taking into account the needs of small businesses and combining the Internet and telephony. For larger companies, the modem router allows you to set up your own network and connect it to the Internet via an ADSL, SDSL or via

Internet For Businesses: Duration And Terms Of Engagement

Established since 1 June 2008, the Chatel law imposes measures on ISPs to strengthen the rights of subscribers, notably regarding duration and terms of engagement:

  • Commitment periods of at least 24 months are prohibited. Subscribers now have the ability to change their ISP more quickly. However, many ISPs offer ADSL contracts without a commitment period.
  • The termination fees are valued at the actual rate. Subscribers pay on a pro rata basis for the months mentioned in their subscription.
  • The remaining commitment period must be indicated on each invoice.
  • The duration of the notice of cancellation is fixed to ten days maximum as soon as the request of the Internet access provider receives the request.
  • The security deposit must be returned within ten days of receipt of the payment of the last invoice.

Comparison Between ADSL, SDSL And Fiber Optics


For who?

  • Very small businesses
  • Debit
  • Downstream flow rates exceeding 10 Mbit/s
  • Lower (lower) emission rates
  • Secure or non-guaranteed debit connection


  • Fast file downloads and Internet browsing


  • Limitation in sending large files and in the use of IP telephony


For who?

  • SMEs with moderate use
  • Debit
  • Identical transmission and reception rates ranging from 512K to 16Mbps
  • Guaranteed debit connection


  • More reliable network transmissions and more efficient networking
  • Quick to set up
  • Enables the customer of interactive applications such as video conferencing
  • Very short recovery time (4 hours)
  • Used to cover areas via the WI-FI


  • The subscriber must be in a theoretical area a maximum distance of 3.6 km from the operator’s exchange

Optical fiber

For who?

  • SMEs and large enterprises
  • Debit
  • Rates ranging right from 100 Mbps to as much as 200 Mbps


  • Availability rate of 100%
  • Optimized security with total flow tightness by connection type
  • Guarantee of recovery in very short timeframes


  • Fiber networks still too scarce, especially outside major cities

For a company, Internet Service system is essential. But choosing an Internet Service provider can be complicated since it must meet the needs of the company at the lowest possible cost. That’s why before you throw yourself into the water; you must make a very clear list of your needs.

These are the significant things that are going to help you select the ideal Internet Service provider and eliminate anyone who does not offer what you are looking for. In general, when a company opts for an Internet Service provider, it seeks, among other things, to save money and bring a touch of modernity to its facilities, a company like Sky provides broadband, for example, you can contact using sky contact numbers.

Finally, you really want to know what you need before you head off searching for an ISP for your organization. Give thought to exactly what your needs are as well as the things you’re looking for in aservice. Once you confirm the requirements you have, it is then essential to pick the ISP based on those needs.