If you’re looking to buy a LoL account but have some reservations about it, this post is for you. League of Legends is a captivating game loved by many people. However, building an account takes time, and that’s you find many people buying accounts instead of building one. Many people prefer to buy League of Legends account since it comes with lots of advantages. This post will look at the main advantages you’ll get from buying a LoL account.

Level up Fast

Being a new legends of runterra player, it will take you many hours of playing time for you to move up to the next level. This entails you working harder to attain a good position. However, many people do not have much time since it entails extensive play time. If you buy an account, you don’t have to go through all that hassles since it’s already leveled up for you. You will have access to new levels and challenges that will give you an enjoyable League of Legends gameplay experience.

Different Regions Playing Access

One of the major advantages you will get from buying an account is that it allows you to move from one region to another in the game. For example, you can try an EU server or Asian servers to have a test of their play styles.

No Restrictions

Sometimes, accidents may happen that make you lose your main account. For example, you may forget your login credentials and be unable to access your main account. Normally, when such things happen, you will need to contact support to help you recover your account. However, this could take some time before everything gets resolved. 

So, while waiting for them to help you sort things out on your main account, you can easily switch to your Smurf account. And when everything eventually gets sorted out, you can either choose to resume playing on your main account or Smurf account.

Troll Other Players

When you buy a LoL account, you can easily beat new players and troll them. Although this is looked down on by gaming communities since it could make rookies have a bad LoL gaming experience. However, it’s an excellent way to boost your ego after playing with other players who are more skillful than you.

Saves You Time

Many people are usually busy with work and other daily activities. Hence, they may not have the time to build a League of Legends meta account from scratch. Also, building an account can be frustrating and stressful for many people. Buying an account saves you from all the hassles of building an account all the way up. Everything is readily made available to you since it’s already leveled up. This saves you a lot of time and stress.

All these and more are the advantages of buying a League of Legends account. Building it yourself from scratch may not be convenient for you since you have other things to attend to in your daily activities. Finally, it makes everything easier for you.