Sports betting is very popular today and it is happening in many parts of the world. While some governments restrict betting and have stringent laws in place, it is a major industry in many parts of the world. Betting statistics show clearly just how prevalent betting has become today and very many people are actively taking part in the betting. It is one of the reasons why some betting sites are so popular especially when they have best odds and hassle free payouts.

How did sports betting begin?

Sports are an integral part of many people’s life. It is common to see people participate in sports or follow specific teams and clubs as fans and fanatics of the said group. The loyalty developed over the years is what gives most sports lovers the courage to place wagers in various events. This is something that has been done for centuries now.

The betting era cannot be pinned down to a specific date as the history of slot games. What we know is that it has been around for many years now. For a long time placing wagers has been done to predict outcomes and win something. In Rome, bets were placed in chariot races and even circus. In many jurisdictions, even today, there are strict rules that are put in place to serve as guidelines on acceptable practices and so on.

With the internet today, things have become more intense. More people are participating and the rewards are also getting better for the participants.

Sports betting statistics as of 2020

The value of betting market on a global scale is not easy to estimate. This is because there is no consistency and there are different regulations in different parts of the globe. Betting firms form around 40 percent of the entire gambling market in the world. This includes poker casinos, lotteries, and other types of gaming.

Today, online gambling has the lion’s share of all gambling markets and the figures keep on rising.

Where to do your first step

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