Phone Case Envy to Make the Trends Your Own

Trends are hard. Each season brings its own new look, whether it’s a twist on a past trend or something new entirely. And while these can be fun and exciting, not all of them match each person’s individual style. In fact, with some of the contrasting styles we’ve witnessed recently (everything neon versus the varying shades of nude, all in one season) we’d wager that most trends won’t necessarily work with your personality.

So what should you do? Do you go against what you’re naturally drawn to and sport the latest from the runway? Or do you hold true to your likes and dislikes, risking being less than fashionable at any given time? Do you jump on the Hello Kitty bandwagon with your new iPhone 5 case, or do you stick to your love of edge with a studded piece?

iphone 5 case

Our advice: tweak the trend to fit you, whether it’s jeans or your iPhone case. The result is a totally-unique version of the season’s latest that truly works for your one-of-a-kind look.

An example: let’s say bold floral patterns are en vogue, yet you just cannot stomach patterns in general, preferring solids. Rather than don a rose motif across your chest, look to the colors of the floral patterns for inspiration. Does a runway frock have a sweater done up in a bold red floral on a yellow background? Sport yellow skinny jeans with a red, flowy top. You get the same effect created by floral patterns (mixing contrasting hues, an element of softness, etc.) without actually wearing something you despise.

This same technique can be used when you actually really love something, but you don’t want to be seen as a copycat. For example, when you spy a friend’s or stranger’s iPhone 5 case and you feel the sudden urge to run to the nearest store and buy the same. exact. one. Resist the urge, and try out our advice instead.

Do you love your bestie’s glitter encrusted, bright pink phone case? Opt for a fashionable case in the same color or the same glitter look, just not both: a glitter case in your favorite hue or a bold pink case with a super sweet pic of your favorite cartoon. At, the Krystal Series is perfect if you’re a fan of sparkles, while the iGlaze series takes neon iPhone 5 cases to a whole new level!

The truth is, having the same exact phone case as everyone else, no matter how awesome that case may be, is just a bit too matchy-matchy for even the biggest proponent of “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” A great way to start is to buy base cases which can be found at retailers such as Amazon or eBay and then head over to sources such as to get the DIY supplies you need to customize your case such as pyramid studs or paint. You can also try specialty retailers such as which have a large variety of both base cases and cute design cases and a selection of DIY supplies.

Pair this with your take on this season’s trends, and you’ll be walking down the street with your head held fashionably high, adorable phone case in hand!