Today, many businesses and organizations use digital signage from places like to convey various types of information to customers or visitors. This type of signage is easy to use and attracts a lot of attention, so people are certain to notice it. Discover five places you’re likely to see digital signage.


A large airport has a lot of information to deliver to people leaving on trips or returning home. That’s why many airports choose to display digital signage. It is easy for an airport to update flight times, display timely announcements and otherwise keep travelers and their loved ones informed about the latest flight information.

Grocery Stores

A grocery store may use digital signage to display the latest sales happening in the store. Or, it may use the signage to advertise the opportunity to sign up for a new credit card or a savings card related to the store. This type of signage is excellent for introducing new products to customers who are browsing aisles where they may be looking for something fresh to try. A digital sign puts a whole new spin on suggestive selling in any type of store.

Clothing Shops

A clothing shop may use digital signage to show shoppers the collection of a new designer featured in the store. Music and colorful images are sure to get shoppers curious about the creations of an unfamiliar designer. In addition, this signage is used in clothing stores for advertising sales, directing shoppers to certain departments and highlighting details of a line of dresses, jeans, blouses, etc.

Fitness Centers

A fitness center is a busy place with people taking exercise classes, using the swimming pool, playing racket ball and more. Digital signage can help keep members of the fitness center informed about new classes, time changes for classes and exciting additions to the fitness center.


The maternity floor, the physical therapy department, the emergency room and the lobby are just a sampling of the various places within a large hospital. With so much ground to cover, it makes sense that many hospitals use digital signage to help visitors and employees stay informed. One digital sign in a hospital may be set up to display menus and prices to people visiting the cafeteria. Another sign may be set up in the lobby letting visitors know when visiting hours are and where the different departments are located.

Lastly, these are just a few places that use digital signage for the convenience of visitors and workers. Keeping your customers and visitors informed is easier than ever in the 21st century.