Five Cool Facts About LED Flashlights

You’re either reading this article for two reasons. Maybe you’re looking at buying a new LED flashlight and want to know everything you can about them before you make the final decision. Or you’re just interested in learning some more about flashlights.

Either way, this article is perfect for you!

LED flashlights are one the best inventions out there. They are incredibly efficient when compared to normal flashlights and are well worth the extra investment. They are very powerful tools that will light up a room automatically.

What are you waiting for? If you’re in the market for a LED cree flashlight or just want to learn some more about them, read on!

They last much longer than normal flashlights.

Let’s start with a bit of a refresher about how normal flashlights work. Traditional flashlights must heat up a filament inside of the flashlight to light up. Over time, however, this filament becomes less efficient to heat up and therefore, the light wears out in the flashlight. Because of this heat generated, traditional flashlights normally require more and more power, causing the battery to die faster and faster over time.

With LED flashlights, there is no heat generated. You simply turn on the light and the flashlight lights up the room automatically! And because of the different technology, there’s no risk of the flashlight dimming over time. You’ll be with your LED flashlight for hundreds of hours before you must replace the bulb or buy a new one.

LED flashlights generate less heat.

Even though you may think that no heat is produced while using an LED flashlight, that’s not necessarily true. When you turn on an LED flashlight and keep it on, of course there’s going to be some sort of heat generated from just using it. That’s science right there!

However, as mentioned before, because of their advanced technology, there is a lot less heat generated with an LED light than with a normal light. Depending on the LED light you choose, there could be more heat generated if it’s a higher-powered flashlight. Keep that in mind while you’re shopping!

The invention of the flashlight.

The invention of the flashlight probably happened in the late 1890s. There has been quite a bit of discussions about the actual inventor of the first flashlight. Some people point to Conrad Hubert as the inventor, but some also point to Joshua Lionel Cowen. Even though no one has been named the actual inventor of the flashlight, the date of the invention still stands.

However, we would have to wait until the late 1990s for the invention of the LED flashlight.

How the flashlight got its name.

Just for your information, in European countries and other countries around the world, they don’t call flashlights, flashlights. They call them “torches” or “electronic torches”. So, if you ever hear those words, they mean the same thing as our flashlights!

Whatever it’s called, the flashlight got its name because the first flashlights didn’t have a steady source of electricity to keep them on for hours at a time. They literally had to be flashed repeatedly for the light to come out in spurts!

They are a much better value for your money than traditional flashlights.

This fact goes without saying, but LED flashlights are going to be a much better value for your money in the long-term than traditional flashlights. Even though they may cost more up-front, you’re going to save tons of money in the long-run when you don’t have to constantly replace flashlights or batteries.

Aren’t LED flashlights cool? There are tons of benefits to using them and the history of how they came around is interesting. When you’re buying your next LED flashlight, be sure to keep these facts in your head.