LG Optimus 3D Max


This is yet another 3D phone but. It is aimed at a specific and limited demographic. It appeals only to a few people. This is for two reasons, one is that people do not need a 3D on phones and the second reason is for the amount that you pay for a 3D phone you can get a non 3D Smartphone with much better performance. However 3D is a novelty feature that might appeal to a certain group. For those, it will be a bliss. Let’s have a review of this 3D Smartphone- LG Optimus 3D Max.


  • ·         Glasses free Stereotypic 3D display
  • ·         Appeals multimedia junkies
  • ·         Great gaming experience
  • ·         Decent look
  • ·         Good overall performance



  • ·         Battery life needs improvement
  • ·         3D images are captured in only 3 MP


Complete review



  • ·         4.3”stereotypic glass free 3D display
  • ·         Corning Gorilla glass 2
  • ·         1.2 GHz dual core processor
  • ·         1 GB RAM
  • ·         Internal storage of 8 GB, expandable upto 32 GB eith micro SD card slot
  • ·         Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS
  • ·         1520 mAh battery



3D Experience

The specialty of this phone is its 3D feature. The 3D experience in this phone is great if the minor problems are not considered. One must get used to the particular holding angle of the phone. When held perpendicular to the eyes and at a comfortable distance from your eyes, you will have a great experience. 3D is amazing. A 3D Space button is present in the right side of the device, when pressed; the user will be taken to a world of 3D. The 3D Space button is 3 dimensional user interface that consists of all your 3D needs. A few 3D games are preinstalled onto the device. You do not have to download any additional data, just power up the device the first time and play.


Build Quality and Design

This phone is built of plastic with some nice detailing done to it. The back is a textured piece of plastic. The device is thin, weighs perfect and is solid. Front glass is Corning Gorilla Glass 2, scratch resistant and is a tough version of glass.


Camera and Multimedia

The device has a 5MP dual camera and they are a pair of good shooters. However, 3D pictures can only be clicked at a resolution of 3MP. This could be a little disappointing but the pictures are of fine quality and have a nice 3D effect. When clicked in 2D mode the phone makes use of 5MP camera. In 3D mode 720p videos can be shot in HD, the depth of 3D can be adjusted. In 2D mode 1080p videos can be shot and they have good amount of detail and the colors are good.


Videos in all formats and the 3D ones can be viewed in this device. 3D movie watching experience is great on this phone. The 4.3” screen display makes it great to watch even 2D movies.


Listening to music on 3D Max is joyous. The loudspeakers and the earphones are of good quality. The bass is nice and sound is loud and clear. This device is great for multimedia junkies.


Web Browsing

You get Android 2.3 browser with LG Optimus 3D Max. It performs well. There is full flash support in this browser, so you can get a rich web experience. The nice display makes the appearance of text crisp and easy to read.



Gaming on LG Optimus 3D Max is great, thanks to PowerVR SGX540 GPU. Games that are converted into 3D especially like Asphalt 6, N.O.V.A perform without any lags. While playing these games in 3D also you can drift along the roads, kill aliens and perform other actions without missing a frame.



This device has a 1520mAh battery and performs well. It will last one whole day with normal use like, bit of texting, listening to music for a short while and other daily tasks. If you perform heavy duty actions you have to plug the phone to a charger within a few hours.



The LG Optimus 3D Max is a great device in all fields, especially in the 3D field, for which the device has been specially made. It does great in all other fields too like web browsing, fulfilling multimedia needs etc. But, the battery could have been better as the 3D display drains all the juice. If you are not just satisfied with a smart phone and want some really nice and exclusive feature on your smart phone then you must pick this LG Optimus 3D Max.