It is a good strategy followed by many online businesses to maintain a network of websites or blogs to reach to many customers. Individual marketers like affiliate marketers maintain many blogs as a dependable source of income online. However, managing many sites simultaneously demands greater skills and resources than simply maintaining one.

You may face a high degree of competition now from the established brands and highly funded blog networks. Also, at the baseline, you will be competing with billions of other websites on the internet. If you are planning to start with it, you need to have a creative edge to ensure that your well-built sites are optimally performing.

At the initial stages of internet and website development, it was not so simple to build and launch it even if you think of many basic HTML info sites. However, the good news now is that there are a lot of user-friendly CMS (content management solutions) out there, which can easily help individuals to create and maintain many websites and manage them all from a unique hosting dashboard.

Building using WordPress

WordPress is the world’s NO.1 CMS now, which is worth trying if you haven’t yet explored it. The latest version is WordPress 3.0 (supports multi-site), which features the capabilities of the old WordPress MU and also comes with lots of add-ons. This CMS platform lets you install and run many websites simultaneously from a single location instead of installing each site separately on servers.

WordPress was first started as a blogging only platform, which has not matured into one of the most powerful and easy to use website publishing platform. As of late, it is also one of the most suggested platforms to run a network of websites or blogs. WordPress has a very robust web management mechanism which runs on PHP + MySQL technology, which is the best combination in creating database rich web applications.

The major advantage is that anyone with primary knowledge of websites features can start building their sites on this CMS and you will not go wrong with WordPress. As it is an open source solution, millions of programmers from across the globe are constantly contributing towards streamlining this custom website building platform, and it is now possible that even the most novice users can learn to build a website like in a matter of minutes, also do visit site to know more. After building a site, hosting is your next big concern, which needed to be done knowledgeably.

Hosting your WordPress site network

While shopping around for the best deal to host a series of your websites, apart from cost, there are a few other aspects too you need to consider to land on the best deals.

1) Storage

A typical website consists of many files and elements which work together. The bigger your site is, larger the need for storage be. Considering you have several sites, you may need several GB of storage space.

It may be wise to figure it out at the first point itself as to how much storage space is required and also think of the possibility of future expansion. With a lot of flexible hosting service available, you can select one which can grow with your need than mass-migrating your sites later when the need outgrows the existing server limits.

2) Bandwidth

While a user accesses your website, information is extracted from the web server and transferred to the user computer. Space which is taken for this data transfer is called bandwidth. You can take a busy interstate highway to explain this concept, and the bandwidth is the transit speed.

If you are expecting a lot of traffic on this high, then it is ideal to have greater bandwidth. Otherwise, it may end up in costly server errors, site downtime, and missed opportunities.

3) Support

When it comes to web hosting, support is crucial. Your websites need to be up 100% of times, and if in case of any technical error happens, you need to get immediate technical support from the provider to resolve the issue. Most of the providers offer telephone support and also chat support to the clients 24×7.

Some top providers

Some companies which offer dedicated and reliable WordPress hosting services are as below.

  • Inmotion Hosting – This company offers WordPress hosting by offering free site transfer and a 90-day guarantee.
  • Dreamhost – Offers compatible WordPress website hosting. The major features are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited email IDs, etc.
  • Myhosting – It is an affordable hosting service if you want to host multiple domains. They offer 100% uptime guaranteed.
  • Justhost – This also is a multiple reliable site hosting services, which also offer a free lifetime domain.

Some other reliable names to mention are HostGator, Bluehost, A2Hosting, etc., WP Engine, etc. Making and running a network site is, of course, a task-intensive job, but it is not impossible if you have an expert developer and a reliable hosting service working for you.