Today’s world is known for its rapid transition toward technological advancements. A product that you purchase today might be replaced by an updated one in the coming days. You might agree with the popular saying, “Change is the only thing that never changes.” If you don’t update yourself with the ever-changing technology, you might be left behind. While updating your PC with new operating systems, your life can be miserable if you come across the infamous 0x80240017 error! This could stall your system, keeping it from working the way you wanted it to work.

Windows explorer has stopped working

If you’re familiar with the above phrase, you can be sure that Windows Explorer has reportedly stopped working.  Overcoming this issue is quite easy; you need to use the “Refresh my PC” feature, which can be accessed from this path: Settings>change PC settings>update and recovery>recovery. Once you reach this screen, click on “get started” under “refresh your PC without affecting any files.”

Wi-Fi connectivity fails you time and again

If you find your device to have limited connectivity, or there’s a complete drop in connectivity, there’s no official solution to this problem. However, the best tip would be to download your wireless adaptor’s latest driver from the manufacturer’s official website. Do the necessary changes on Network and Sharing: Centre>Change Adapter Settings; Configure the Network Connections; under Properties select Configure>Driver>Select Update Driver>Browse My Computer>Let Me Pick.

Proven methods to resolve Windows error during updates

There’s a lot of stress surrounding this error and having it fixed, since it’s a common complaint reported by most Windows users. Here are different methods to fix it.

These days there’s an application in Google Play store for everything. The categories of applications available are beauty, business, education, parenting, maps, sports, and shopping to name a few.

Aren’t you able to install applications from the Google Play Store? Don’t worry; we have you covered. In some cases, the Windows installs 50% of the application which might reportedly get stuck. Sometimes, it shows an error and simply says unable to install. The possible error could be 0x80240017; there are multiple methods to troubleshoot this error.

Method #1- Fingers crossed; hope it works for you too!

There are two best possible solutions to fix this error. Make sure that the Windows Firewall isn’t disabled when you install an application from the Windows store. The Windows Firewall is available on the Metro screen, you need to type “Windows Firewall” and turn it on. If you’re unable to it turn on, Windows Firewall, the possible reason could be its service might be stopped. Make sure that the service in the Metro screen is set to automatic and started for Windows Firewall.

The other reason might be the inaccuracy of the date and time. Set right the date and time, and install the applications. If your Windows store isn’t properly synced, applications won’t be installed or upgraded.

Method #2- It’s difficult to get second chances

If you’re here the first probably didn’t work for you. Here’s an alternative method to help you out. Login to your device as administrator and reboot your operating system. After which, press the “Windows” and “R” button, this will prompt you to the “Run” pop-up window. Type “WSReset.exe” without the quotes in the “Run” diagonal box and press Enter. Reboot your operating system and login as administrator. In the search field, enter “Troubleshooting” without quotes, and click the “view all” feature. Select “Windows Update” feature; you’ll be informed if any issues come into play. You’ll be instructed to troubleshoot the issues found. You can choose to reboot your operating system to either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

The last and final resort

It would be unfortunate if both these methods didn’t work for you. The best alternative would be to save all your important files to an external hard disk, and reinstall the operating system. Once you follow through with all the necessary steps, there’s a fair chance you won’t face the Windows error again.