Samsung over Apple

The two mobile tech giants Apple and Samsung are in engaged in legal war around the world, accusing each other of patent infringement as they eye for supremacy in the tech world. The battle between the giants began last year when Apple sued Samsung in an American Federal court for copying its design. Samsung counter sued Apple and so the battle has turned a never ending war between the two. Samsung faced many sales bans and billions of dollars as payouts.

Apple has filed a case against Samsung accusing the company’s Galaxy tab to have copied iPad designs. However, a judge in the high court of London ruled out that the look of the Samsung Galaxy tab is not very much similar to Apple’s iPad.  But Apple had challenged the ruling.

However after 3 months of its appeal, today the appeal was disregarded by Lord Justice Longmore, Lord Justice Kitchin and Sir Robin Jacob declaring Samsung has not copied iPad’s designs.

Review of the case:

Apple had reclaimed that the front and the shape of the tablet in overall is what is more important than design and Samsung has copied it.

One among the three judges Sir Robin Jacob said that the sides of the iPad design has a sharp design and it is quite different from Samsung. Apple and Samsung have a lot of lawsuits filed against each other all around the world. Sir Robin Jacob said that this appeal will clear all confusions about the case, what it is about and what not. It is not about Samsung copying Apple’s designs. This case is all about registered designs of Apple and the Samsung products. He also said that Samsung’s designs had more varied colors on the device back side and also had a thicker section for the camera. With this he said Samsung did not copy any of Apple’s iPad designs. So, Samsung bags its victory in the court of law in UK.

This decision of the court is valid throughout Europe. Now Apple has to run advertisements and a put up a notice declaring Samsung did not copy any of its designs.

The South Korean tech giant Samsung was enthralled with the hearing and stated that Apple was not the first tech company consisting of rectangle shape and round corners tablet design. Apple has denied commenting on the ruling. If desired they can appeal to the Supreme Court.