5 Future Car Technologies – AutoPortal peeks into the future car technologies

The auto industry is constantly bringing in new technologies – be it for safety, entertainment, and utility. Some of the latest car innovations are exciting technologies that could revolutionise the automotive industry.  The new age driver wants the best technologies to make their ride better. We are constantly being bombarded by new technologies from time to time. But what are the new technologies in the department of safety, infotainment, and innovation. Here are 5 future car technologies that we may see in our cars in the near future. Also check upcoming cars in India

  1. How about a car that will make its own decisions? Sounds right out of a movie….but it is not going to be that far in future. This new technology is known as Driver Override System. We may see this technology in no less than five years. There are a cars which are programmed to shut the engine when there is a fault in the engine or when it over speeds. The driver override system will apply the brakes even if the driver has the gas pedal floored. The increase in using of sensors in the cars will force the cars to take decisions.

2) How many times have you wished that you had a remote for your car keys? But over are those days when you had to search for your car keys. The answer is Biometric Vehicle Access. This will be a shift from keyless entry and start to key-fob-less entry and start. One will be able to unlock and start your car with your fingertip or retina iris. Sounds right out of a Sci-Fi movie, right? This technology follows the same procedure used at high security areas where the owner/driver, is recognised by the pattern on the finger tip or the pattern on the iris.

3) Another technology on cars is the Reconfigurable Body Panels. In future you will have a car which looks like an SUV, but has the powerful motor of a truck? Or an SUV with lightweight body panels and advanced motors that retract the roof and side glass into the lower body panels. Let’s wait for the reconfigurable body panels in the body of the cars.

4) Get ready for a four-cylinder supercar in the future. We already have a Ford GT supercar which has a twin-turbo V6. By 2020, the first full-fledged, 200 mph supercar with a four-cylinder engine will zoom past us.

5) How about a self-driving car on the road. Who thought that somebody other than James Bond would drive a self driving car? A self-driving car means exactly that, one that can drive itself, and they are probably closer to being a reality in the very near future.

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