A One Stop Solution for Privacy and Performance

Mobile phones are among those objects that increase the inquisitiveness of other people, when the owners are not around. You cannot disagree to this. Especially your kids or some of your colleagues are more interested to know what’s there in your phone. Suppose when you are in the washroom, or having lunch or dinner and you phone is on your desk, most of the times your phone becomes the victim to prying eyes. Most importantly, cracking screen locks isn’t a tough chore for people who are always around you, mainly your mischievous kids. So, how to protect your phone’s privacy? Read on!

Get your phone a privacy lock

With the evolution of general mobile phones to smartphones, the scenario of phone privacy and security has changed drastically. Few years back, just locking the keypad of your phones were enough to secure your handhelds’ privacy, but now both online and offline threats surround them. Therefore, efficient mobile phone privacy locks, like Leo Privacy Guard, have become quite essential, provided you want to protect the important and private contents of your phone.

It is one of the leading and top-ranked privacy applications especially designed for smartphones with more than 10 million users. This privacy guard automatically protects your mobile phone from falling prey to the gossipy eyes around you. So, once you have it installed, you can take a sigh of great relief. It not only offers data privacy, but also protects software as well as other information stored in your phone.

Learn more about the features

Just like any other android application, this privacy guard also has different levels of settings. So, you can customize them according to your requirements. Let’s know more about the features the app offers:

  • Privacy shield – This feature comes along with various types of alerts and updates you about the status of your handheld at regular time intervals. Most importantly, it restricts unauthorized accesses to your phone by creating a mask on your apps and puts privacy locks on the picture settings.
  • Application management – With this feature you get the advantage of uninstall mode. It helps you to get rid the unused and unwanted apps. One of the biggest benefits is, this feature allows you to back-up those apps that you would never want to let go of. Even if you lose them due to any kind of technical glitch(s), you can also recover them from the back-up mode. Furthermore, you can also manage your data and battery settings for enhanced performance.
  • Save time with shortcuts – This feature helps you save your precious time. So, you can directly get to access different functions and apps without wasting a minute. After all quick fixes are sometimes great.
  • Amazing user interface – Apart from having so many useful features, this app offers the highest degree of user-friendliness. Not just the navigation is superb, but the UI is very spontaneous and easy to work with. Also, you get to enjoy a number of interactive and stylish themes with Leo Privacy Guard, which will increase the aesthetics of your handheld device.