In recent years, we have seen that many people have started playing online games and that totally makes sense because who doesn’t like to play Call of Duty after a long tiring day. Online gaming has become more widespread and the numbers are going up every day. Playing multiplayer games is in trend and those who don’t have an Xbox or Play Station play with their friends online on their smartphones. Playing games online has never been this easy.

Millions of people in the US have internet access and many out of them play games by connecting to the internet. How would you feel if your internet stops working while you are about to win and someone shoots you down making you lose the game? Not good, I guess. This doesn’t mean that getting just an internet connection would be enough to play games online. Yes, it might be okay for those who play online casino games but not for those who are crazy for amazing games like Fortnight and PUBG. You need to make sure that you just don’t get an internet connection to go online, you get an internet connection that offers you reliability along with blazing fast download and upload speeds.

Trust me, you don’t want issues like high latency and more ping while you are playing your favorite game, that actually hurts really bad and ends in great frustration. It’s like waiting for the next episode of your favorite TV show desperately – to the extent that you cancel your social plans for it, but at the exact air time, your cable goes out. How’d that feel? Not good, trust me, I’ve been through that. So in order to minimize such instances in the future, make sure you take precautions and there is only one: Get something that offers you reliability, consistency, and high-speed internet connection.

There are few things that you need to consider while you choose an internet service provider for online gaming. In this article, we will help you out in getting the best high-speed internet for online gaming.

First step

While choosing an internet service, the first step is to make a list of what you do on the web (more like your online activities), how many devices you will be connecting when you will have internet, and what is your budget. Don’t just think about your gaming, think about the internet usage of other people in your family if you live with them or if you have any roommates.

Figure out the internet usage. If you will be playing games online and 1-2 devices are connected to your internet connection and they are watching Netflix then a basic internet connection will work for you but if multiple devices are connected simultaneously for gaming and streaming, then you are going to need very high-speed internet.

Second step

Once you are done making the list of your activities, the next step is to find all the available internet connections in your area before you make up your mind for any specific internet service provider and getting hurt later after finding out that the internet service provider you want service through is not available in your area. You can check the serviceability in your area via different websites by just putting in your zip code.

Third step

Choose an internet connection that offers the best download and upload speed along with the reliability of the services. When it comes to the best internet connections, Fiber optic and Coaxial cable connections are considered the best. The issue that you might face with fiber connectivity is that it is not widely available and there are only a few states where you can get services via the fiber connection. The probability of getting services via the cable connection is more which is cool because a cable connection doesn’t just offer you high-speed internet but it also offers you the reliability that you need for online gaming.

There are many internet service providers in America that are offering internet services and they all promise to deliver the best but they don’t. We have done our research for you guys and compiled a list of the best internet service providers through which you can get services.

  • Spectrum

With its availability in more than 29 states, Spectrum is considered one of the best companies as it offers its customers exactly what it promises. With a download speed of up to 940Mbps, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously and can go for online gaming on multiple consoles with an unlimited data cap. If you want cable TV services as well, you can opt for the bundles. There are different Spectrum bundles and all come with an unlimited data cap, amazing channel lineup and no-contract policy. The best part is that you will be getting a free internet modem. 

Spectrum knows that it will deliver its customers the best and so it offers 30 days money-back guarantee to all its customers, which means if you don’t like the services, you can cancel within 30 days and the amount collected at the time of order will be refunded back to you. What other surety do you need? None, I guess.

  • Xfinity

Xfinity is also one of the best internet companies available in America and covers almost all the states. With the amazing download and upload speed, you will have the best gaming experience with very low latency and less ping. There are multiple plans offered by the company and you can pick any plan as per your need and budget. The connection through which you will be getting the internet services will be the very reliable cable. If you want to bundle your services with the TV, you will be getting the best bundles at promotional rates.

  • Verizon Fios

If a fiber connection is available in your area and Verizon Fios is providing services via the fiber connection then consider yourself lucky and go for it without giving another thought. Verizon Fios is known for its amazing customer support and faster fiber download and upload speed. People living on East Coast should probably get services via Verizon Fios.

It’s one of those companies that offer the fastest internet services to their customers and gamers love their services because of the crazy download and upload speeds. There are many pros but only one con and that is its availability. Verizon Fios is only available in 10 states. The company is planning to expand more but as it’s very costly, it might take some time to expand to other states but those who can get services via Verizon Fios shouldn’t miss it.