How to create a comic book with drawing tablets?

The process of creating a comic book is the same whether it is done with a traditional pencil or with the assistance of computer software. Everything from drawing to inking to coloring and finishing is now possible with a tablet and appropriate graphic design software. Thus, drawing comic book strips has never been so simple. To understand this process, more details here.

The only thing you need to do right now is learn about the proper tools to avoid the frustration. Some tablets and graphics software can cause to comic book artists who are accustomed to working in the traditional manner when they are first used. Even though digital technology saves a great deal of time once the technique is mastered. Some people do not experience the same sensations that one can have with his or her favorite felt pens and pencils when using digital technology. As a result, it is common to see a cartoonist, even a professional who is familiar with digital tools, employing both techniques. 

Further, you’ll want to think about selecting the most appropriate graphic design software, which will allow you to create a comic book. In the event that you believe that software such as Photoshop or Illustrator is appropriate, you should be aware that the software’s capabilities for working quickly within the specific comic book format may be severely limited. As a result, it’s much more advisable to use specialized software such as brushes that reproduce the pencils used to create comics. Also taking into consideration the 8,192 levels of pressure offered by the best graphic tablets. The layout options, layers, and undo shortcuts that speed up the production of illustrations will allow you to work more efficiently than you would on paper once you have mastered it. If you use the right tablet, you will not lose the feeling of drawing because of the speed with which you can produce illustrations.

Best Drawing Tablets

To choose which drawing tablets is best, you should keep an eye on some features. These features of drawing tablets are explained below. See more here.

Internal memory

When on the road, it’s convenient to save your work in the tablet and retrieve it later on your laptop or desktop. The iPad, which is primarily a touch tablet rather than a drawing tablet, has the most memory at 64 GB. Among the other models, some tablets offers the most storage space for drawings and notes made on the tablet up to 32 GB. Although it only has 4 MB of internal storage (10 drawings), it can accept a micro SD card up to 32 GB (80,000 drawings).

Detecting the pencil’s natural tilt

Like pressure levels, the pen or stylus’ tilt sensitivity will be critical in reproducing your strokes accurately in software. While the most of tablets perform admirably with average pen tilts of 50 and 60 degrees. It uses a magnetic ring that attaches to any pencil. The tablet’s magnetometers allow for precise drawing and faithful reproduction of what you draw on paper attached to the tablet. Apple, like pressure levels, did not want this information made public. 

Weight and Size

Your drawing tablet’s physical features dictate its use. It’s too big to carry around, but it’s too small to work comfortably. However, the tablet’s weight makes it difficult to use on the go as more than 50 percent heavier than the other tablets in this buying guide. The Remarkable 2 is the smallest. This feature isn’t ideal for drawing because the drawing tablet isn’t designed for it. The Apple Pencil requires an iPad, whose dimensions vary depending on the display size. Opt for a medium-sized tablet like the ISKN Repaper, which weighs around 450 grams. This makes it portable while maintaining a comfortable working surface for the user.


As different companies are offering the different types of drawing tablets with their features. Thus, you choose your own according to your requirements. It is definitely help you in making a good comic book.