The universe of CS:GO is famous for its fan base — millions of users have fun playing this esports discipline. There are some distinguishing participants who do leave other opponents to lag behind them. The difference between professional and amateur players is huge.

Thanks to following their success and performance, average enthusiasts can get lots of practical skills and knowledge. At the same time, it is a unique opportunity for interested parties to join CSGO gambling sites and place a couple of beneficial esport bets. If you know for sure that TYLOO and Renegades are top teams in the field, why not support your faith in them and predict the results of the upcoming match?

But first things first. Let’s check out who the champions are in CS:GO maps. Onwards!

Choose Your Favorite

Myriads of players were ahead of the competition in previous CS:GO areas and still battle nowadays. Since the leading results are preserved by bookmakers, even novice fans will be able to find the team and its staff to encourage.

If you miss some statistical data to make the final choice of who your favorite participant is, then don’t hesitate to visit reputable CSGO gambling webs and see their performance analyzed there. Taking into account the overall history and all the matches, TaZ has battled the most — over fifty-four thousand rounds in more than two thousand maps at the moment. But the best rating is owned by ZywOo, s1mple, sh1ro, and Kaze, ranging from 1.28 to 1.20.

Mathieu Herbaut

Simply known as ZywOo, this individual has been awarded as the best player by HLTV several times. Though he isn’t a representative of the old generation in CS:GO who have had enough time and opportunities to prove themselves as excellent gamers, it hasn’t prevented ZywOo from achieving marvellous results. For instance, this person is famous for getting the biggest number of professional rewards in his first professional year. As has been already mentioned his value as an expert gamer is evaluated more than average — 1.28 related to standard 1.00. He was looking forward to hearing more about his further wins and victories!

Oleksandr Kostyliev

Participating in several semi-finals, grand finals, and playoff events of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this gamer from Ukraine has shown how a unique strategy and well-knowing of the esports discipline layout assists in achieving high rankings and fighting for the global leaderboard successfully. Maybe, he lacks trophies compared to some other major giants in the industry, but that doesn’t prevent him from showing off his style and tactics. If you would like to monitor excellent strategy and gorgeous approach to the game, this personality shouldn’t be omitted.

Dmitry Sokolov

This guy is already known for his insane individual output, though he is a relatively new name in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive championships. More famous as sh1ro, he is a performer that can’t be ignored. This youngster has managed to stay in line with several master players, outmatching them in numerous parameters. When it comes to the overall rating of the players’ value, he is ranked third with 1.22. Without a doubt, his profile will only include more impressive results, so tracking sh1ro during different championships and checking bets on him won’t be extra.

Upper Echelon of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The names highlighted above are gaining momentum in the industry. However, it is always worth changing your perspective and getting a deeper insight into what is going on in the CS:GO arena. Former champions and leaders are still skillful — that’s just the competition degree that seems to become severer with every single day.

It is recommended to understand how one person can perform divergently in different roles and with new mates in the squad. The cooperation of fer, FalleN, and coldzera is still believed to be one of the most brilliant. Their team was absolutely unmatched one day, and their strategic thinking can make you envy even now. Their best results were during the 2016-2017 CS:GO seasons. They allowed others to come to dominate the scene, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact they were true kings at the battleship once.

Wrap It Up

Here is one thing to note — CS: GO playing population is amazingly multinational. So enthusiasts can pick up personalities who share the same origin with them and become their supporting power. Whether you are a gamer on your own or just a viewer, getting acquainted with CS:GO kings is always worth it.