Managed hosting is nothing new, but many people are adding it to their list of priorities in their startup considerations. Having fully managed dedicated hosting is often the best way to give your sites and other online properties the best fighting chance they can against the ravages of cybercrime and service outages. Managed hosting carries a series of distinct advantages.

First, managed hosting means you’ll always have real human beings on the case. This will come in addition to whatever hardware and software solutions exist for security purposes. While firewalls capable of filtering erroneous and damaging requests are common, having individuals on staff to notice and adjust for the conditions caused by DDOS attacks and other problems can prevent service loss and other problems.

Managed hosting will also keep your hosting together with a variety of methods to ensure continued uptime. Service outages will be monitored and accounted for as quickly as is possible by your management staff. Issues with DNS services and even physical infrastructure can often be bypassed if someone is aware of the issue and can perform the appropriate operations. Managed, dedicated hosting will frequently mean there is someone monitoring the network for outages and manually adjusting. This isn’t universally the case, but many forms of managed hosting come with just this, making it worthwhile and feasible if continued uptime is something your business or services rely on. With respect to long-term reliability, uptime, security and extended support, managed hosting is something that simply can’t be beat.