If you’re having an event and intend for the atmosphere to be lively, then hiring an NJ disc jockey is a veritable no-brainer. After all, who doesn’t like music and entertainment? Without these, it’s a near-certainty that your event will not be very enjoyable – unless it happens to be the kind of event where song and dance is inappropriate. Let’s consider the benefits of having a professional DJ at your event, where his experience and knowledge can make or break the party.

Elite Sound

Although it’s tempting to think that an amateur will make a good DJ; the truth is, it takes skill and countless events to respond to the environment and mood properly. Just imagine, for example, having a disc jockey at a wedding who messes up the bride and groom dance song. With a professional DJ, you’re in even better hands, usually, than a qualified band – sometimes, they play different versions of the song you want, or mess up on key notes. Having a disc jockey is the best way to keep the sound you want and minimize or eliminate mistakes.

A Guarantee of Your Favorite Songs

A professional DJ will work with you beforehand and even submit a confirmed list of music, in the order you want them played. The planning stage is essential to ensuring the performance that you want. Additionally, you’re guaranteed to hear your favorite songs in the desired order, whereas with other methods, this isn’t the case.

A formal band has many moving parts, and they are not always in sync about what to do – you may get the song, but it might be played differently because of their need for variety. Many bands actually tend to “hate” the general public’s favorite song, because it’s always being requested and they’re always playing it.

A Limitless Variety of Music

This is one of the best things about having a DJ – variety! They can play music from any genre, which would be impossible with a single band or singer. You literally get much more bang for your buck. Additionally, your guests will be able to make requests if you’re throwing a reception or party; mixes from any generation can be provided on request.


The Importance of Technique

A real disc jockey understands and executes transitions perfectly – and often with a well-developed personal twist. It isn’t simply a case of letting one song fade off and a new one emerge after a half-second silence; the most-requested DJs make sure there’s never a dull moment in at the venue. He will understand how to shift from fast-paced music to a slower selection, and won’t need to wait the way a live band would in order to catch their breaths and prepare for the next set.

This skill and experience also manifest in the minimal – or nonexistent – gaps between songs. Unless the rare technical difficulty crops up, a DJ doesn’t have to wait for seconds or minutes to resume; their computer system will already be set up to provide your guests with the best musical experience possible.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, birthday party or office holiday get-together, an NJ disc jockey is a great way to spruce up the event. They can readily tailor the music to you demographic, and seamlessly string together the requests you make during the pre-planning stages.

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