Instagram is one of the fastest-growing apps in the world. It launched in 2010, but it still becomes even more popular. Instagram has 500 million unique daily users and 800 million unique monthly users. More than just a picture sharing app, Instagram is a social connector. Instagram has 80 million users only from the United States. It is 25% of the total population in America. 59% of active users on Instagram are between the age of 18-29. 

Importance of Instagram 

Instagram is eventually a free service that helps to place your brand, company or even photos are videos of yourself. It shows them in front of millions of followers, customers, fans, and friends. If any one of your posts or videos goes viral, your account will catch many new eyes, and you can get many new clients and sales. 

Instagram has 68% female users. If your brand is women-centric, you have a chance of 340 million women are just one step far away from your brand. If your brand is male-centric, you have 160 million men to reach your brand and become fans of you.  

If you are an ordinary person using your account for personal use but still want to increase your reach, you can also use it. Instagram provides a way for both business accounts and individual accounts. 

Here you will learn six easy tips and tricks to increase your Instagram reach. 

  1. Relevant Hashtag

It is very important to use hashtags in your posts. You can add only 30 hashtags to your Instagram posts. Instagram does not like the posting of the same group of hashtags every day. Your hashtag must be relevant to your content, and you have to rotate them. 

If you are using more relevant hashtags in your post, there will be more chances to get high engagement. Insights are another reason to upgrade into a business account. They will help you to know how well your posts are doing and how people are finding your content. You can also get Snaphappen Instagram Impressions to increase the number of times your posts have been liked, commented, or seen. It is about the You can also use Insights to see which group of hashtags has been performed well for your posts. You can also follow these steps to increase your reach:

  • Use 25-30 hashtags in your posts
  • Include only relevant hashtags
  • Use insights to find which hashtag is performing good. 
  1. Location

One of the excellent methods for real estate and holiday posts are using locations. You are just adding another way to improve your Instagram posts. It must help you to find potential followers and fans. For that, simply add your locations, and then you can find the magic. 

  1. Videos

Posting videos can also help you to increase the possibility of being found. If you move to the discover page, you will find the large squares are totally for your video. You will see many video clips on the explore page. One of the best ways to get more people to look at your video is to post longer videos. Longer than photos, people will tend to look at your photos. 

  1. Stories

One of the most important features of Instagram was stories. You can also use hashtags in stories like videos. You could connect with a larger number of the audience if your story is displayed in different locations. It will also increase the retention time on your Instagram profile and increase the content reach. You can post any number of stories everyday, unlike Instagram posts. But be limited with your numbers. Because too many stories will let your followers mute you. 

  1. Slideshow Images

Slideshow images are the next big thing that helps you to increase your retention time. The logic is very simple. If you use more images, you will get longer retention. One thing you have to remember is don’t forget to mention “swipe next” either in the post or caption. otherwise people only see the first image and scroll down. High retention will help you to reach more potential followers and your existing followers. 

  1. Captions

One of the simple ways to increase your retention time is by creating attractive captions. All you have to do is create some engaging captions that make your users like, comment, save or share your images. Either you can add simple one or two-line captions, or you can include some interesting facts or information that makes your post even more interesting to read. You can also make journal-style posts. The main goal is to keep the reader more time on your post. If your caption is long, then the user will spend more time on your post. 

Final thoughts

The best way to create engaging content is to put yourself to the audience. If you want to increase your Instagram reach, you must follow these six tips and tricks. It will help you to find a more potential and engaging audience for your profile.