The value of the content you post on your website is very important. It determines whether you will run a successful business or not. With many users looking for valuable and relevant information, it is imperative that you measure the value of your content and your social engagements. As a social marketer, it means going an extra mile to determine the content that appeals to more target audience. Without valuable information, running your business may prove to be such a difficult task.

With the analytics tool, you are better placed to pinpoint the most effective content, URL, and different aspects of your social media campaign. The analytics tool functions in amazing ways to help you understand more about your social engagements as discussed below.

  • Measure cross-channel social media engagements

Today, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest among others offer engagement content or data for the item you post. It helps you to have an idea of what works best in a specific platform. The question is how can you measure what content works best across different platforms? The analytics tool helps you to monitor your content with a unique approach.

Sharedcount offers an interactive interface to help you develop a unique tracking system for your content. For this reason, you can have the results shares, likes, and comments of the videos, content and images you share on the platforms. A charting system is often a great idea as it offers results on the performance of your content across the platforms.

With the results, you will be able to make a total count of the liking, sharing, and commenting for personal evaluation. What’s more, the analytics tool offers rubrics with organized metrics in various categories. For example, you can have a metric for blog comments, Facebook likes, comments and replies in different categories. Since the tool offers the results, you can also organize the metrics in a way that best suits your needs.

  • Evaluate site behavior and traffic of web visitors

You can only run a successful business if the kind of traffic you get is right. In this light, measure your social channels and engagements therein to determine a platform that has high levels of interaction. While not all the content you share can link back to your webpage, ensuring that you get quality traffic can offer amazing results in enhancing your business online. Today, Google has a way of identifying sites that have the best behavior in terms of shared pages, data hub activities and visit duration.

Therefore, it is essential that you use sharedcount to measure your site behavior and then work on a Social Media campaign that ensures the content you share is worth. With successful and relevant content, you achieve top ranking in search engines.

  • Interactions per referred visit

Sharedcount also helps you to understand what your target audiences think of you. Shared content means it appeals to web visitors. If the content is not shared, it means a visitor will not make referrals and recommendations. In this regard, evaluate and learn more about your social engagements to develop an effective campaign for your content.


Measuring your social engagements is an excellent way to work on a successful marketing campaign. Sharedcount helps you to identify high-value content so that you can implement techniques and strategies that will improve your overall performance.