Using Todays Football Tips Accumulators

It’s a big day and the Premiere League schedule is loaded with several quality matches. If you’re faced with a limited bankroll and want to play multiple matches, you might want to consider using a football accumulator. While the pro handicappers won’t advocate you doing so, there’s a few reasons why accumulators may suit your wagering needs.

What is a Football Accumulator

In lieu of a straight or single bet on a specific match, you could choose to bet an accumulator (paylay). In doing so, you will be required to include at least two matches on the same betting slip. You could also choose to include as many matches as your bookmaker will allow, which could be a many as 10 to 15 matches. The only provision of the bet is you are going to have to be correct on every game for the betting slip to be declared a winner. If successful, the return can be phenomenal, depending on the odds and the number of teams used. In the case where any match might create a push, that particular game would be considered “no action” and the value of the winning ticket would be decreased accordingly.

The Benefits of an Accumulator

As indicated above, there are numerous benefits to using football accumulators. Putting aside the fact you can cover multiple games on one ticket, you have the ability to generate huge returns on big tickets for a small amount money. Sophisticated handicappers and professional gamblers will occasionally bet an accumulator to hedge their straight bets or create additional value when they feel they have multiple strong plays. With that said, it’s rare to see a top-level handicapper place an accumulator betting slip with more than three games on the ticket. For the recreational gambler, the accumulator is the perfect option for securing action and interest on multiple matches.

Doing the Math

On the surface, it might seem like a complicated process to calculate the potential return on an accumulator. In fact, it really boils down to nothing more than simple multiplication. All that is required is to multiply the odds of each successive team you select times each other and then times the amount of the bet. If you have 10 teams on a betting slip, it might take a moment or two to complete the calculation, but the task is simple. Let’s look at a practical example.

Let’s say you just received todays football tips accumulator or football accumulator tips for this weekend. The following three games are recommended and you elect to use all three (with odds) to create a $100 accumulator:

Liverpool +2.5 over Manchester United

Chelsea ties with Arsenal +3.0

Manchester City +2.0

Here’s the calculation laid out (2.5 x 3.0 x2.0) x $100 = $1,500 minus the wager amount of $100 brings a net profit of $1,400. That’s a terrific return on a $100 investment. Of course, the true odds are probably higher, which makes this wager a bit on the risky side. For what it’s worth, a straight or single bet of $100 on each game would only create a net profit $450 (+150 + $200 + 100) for a $300 risk.

So, there you have it. An accumulator is a wagering option that allows you to cover multiple matches while using a smaller portion of your bankroll for a larger potential return. This can be used just like any other app on your mobile. If you have invested in a football tips accumulator or have purchased football accumulator tips for this weekend, you might want to give this option a try. Remember, you might still want to make a single wager on any match that you have a strong opinion about. It would be a shame for you to win your key game and not cash because another game nullified your accumulator.

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