Choosing Sales force is an essential move in streamlining your business process, in which the most critical task is to choose a good Sales force consultant. Choosing the ideal partner can surely make a significant difference in the business performance and output.

The right implementation and maintenance partner will not only fit the needs of your business but also will help to plan and execute Sales force adoption in light of your unique goals and ensure sustainable success over time. Further, we will discuss some key do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind while hiring a consultant.

Top do’s

  • Check for previous performance

It is your responsibility as a service taker to check for the performance status of the consulting firm till date. Professionals firms do share it with you or maintain a portfolio for you to verify. With this, you will be able to gather as much information as possible about their expertise and reliability. You can also try and gather information about various providers from other people too, whom you know in the industry.

  • Check for credentials

There are many out there claiming as Salesforce certified, but you need to verify the credentials to identify whether you are considering the right one. You can always look at the SFDC community to get information about various providers and referrals.

  • Prefer a local partner

As per experts, Salesforce implementation is not a one-time process. It needs ongoing support. So, it is always beneficial to try and get a local consultant for Salesforce who is easily accessible always. The ability to communicate the same language as of yours and instant availability in case of any troubleshooting needs will also be helpful in more effective administration.

Top don’ts

  • Priority to price

It is obviously so compelling to settle on the cheapest possible deal when you are availing a service. However, when it comes to taking a crucial step in the business administration like Salesforce implementation, don’t compromise on quality for anything else. You can always negotiate wisely.

However, on the other hand, it also doesn’t mean that only the most expensive consultant will deliver top quality work. So, you need to do a very balanced evaluation by considering various aspects of the provider, the price is just one among these.

  • Using a lot of items in the pack which may not serve your purpose

The whole point of implementing Salesforce is to cater to your actual needs in a better way. So, there is no point it getting everything in the suite irrespective of whether you need all of them or not. Make sure that you take only what you need, which can make the process of implementation and training much easier. With the service-on-demand model, you can upgrade it with additional modules at any time in future only when needed.

  • Not measuring success

Just as in case of any random project you take up, Sales force implementation also should have adequate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in place to measure success. Consider your business objectives and goals through Salesforce implementation and determine what measures needed to be tracked. Measure whether the project is making progress or falling behind.

Once after implementation, make use of the dashboard to keep track of the reports and make necessary adjustments on the go. Following these steps will surely let you perform better with Sales force implementation and easily achieve the goals you set.