In 2022, working remotely has become a common practice for employees around the world in a variety of industries. Thanks to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that has made remote work a normalcy, it is no longer necessary for many employees to take time off when traveling or spending time out of office, as working on the go is now easier than ever. If you’re planning an upcoming vacation or about to set off on a business trip with Haines, here are a few tips for staying productive when working on the go.

Don’t Forget to Charge Devices

While this might sound like common sense, it’s easier than you might think to forget to charge crucial devices ahead of a big trip. In the midst of packing clothing, toiletries, and other items ahead of a vacation or business trip, it can be difficult to remember to do a task as miniscule as charging your devices. From your cell phone to your laptop and any small devices in between, make sure you charge all devices the night before a big trip. Additionally, if you have any down time at an airport or coffee shop in between travel plans, be sure to plug your items in (even if you don’t think they need it).

Build an Effective Work Bag

While packing lightly might be a good idea for some trips, it can leave you severely underprepared for others. Packing a work back that contains anything you need is the key to ensuring you can stay on top of all projects and effectively complete any task. Keep all chargers, documents, and important reminders on hand in your work bag  – as well as anything else you might need to keep you going on a work trip, such as snacks, mints, coffee, and more.

Make to Do Lists

When attempting to navigate a vacation or travel to your destination for a business trip, it can be easy to let certain tasks slip your mind – especially smaller ones. In order to stay organized and on top of everything you need to do, be sure to make numerous to do lists for each day of your trip. It can also be easy to make to do lists for both personal and professional responsibilities, so that you can further work to stay organized during a hectic trip.