Mechanical keyboards long reigned at the top of the keyboard food chain. For decades, these workhorses have been a permanent fixture in offices and studies across the globe. Their resilience, accuracy, and reliability fueled their popularity until the cheaper, membrane keyboards went into mass production.

Over the last half a decade, membrane keyboards have emerged as a challenger. Their low production costs have prompted many computer manufacturers to offer membrane keyboards in their pre-made PC setups. However, many gamers remain committed to mechanical keyboards for the benefits they bring.

In this article, we will break down the four advantages of using a mechanical keyboard and take an in-depth look at the reasons why this old technology is making a resurgence in gaming communities. For more information, including reviews and buying guides for mechanical keyboards, visit Quietresources.

Speed and Accuracy

Proponents of mechanical keyboards frequently cite their speed as a major factor in their dominance of the keyboard market. Mechanical keyboards can register a keystroke when the key is only halfway down its total range of movement. This means users can type faster on mechanical keyboards as their fingers are not required to move as far from their starting position to register keystrokes.

At the same time, membrane keyboards are more sensitive and register more typos. This is because less force is required to push the key all the way down. Small finger slips that would not register as a keystroke on a mechanical board are picked up and in games where speed and precision are key, the consequences can be huge.

Longer Life Spans

Mechanical keyboards last longer than membrane keyboards and scissor switches. Mechanical keyboards have an estimated life span of around 30-70 million presses. Membrane keyboards, on the other hand, have a projected life span of around 5 million key presses.

There is also significantly less wear and tear. Mechanical keyboards feel as sturdy as the day you bought it years later. Keys are less likely to get stuck and fall off or become dislodged. Users who use powerful type strokes, or who use their laptop or computer for work every day, will welcome the longevity of a mechanical keyboard.


Mechanical keyboards can also be modified to make them fit for purpose. Users that spend more of their day typing, may choose to Cherry MX Blue switches because they offer more feedback than other switches. This means typists clearly know when the keystroke has been registered and they can move on to the next letter. Alternatively, someone who often has to type in a quiet office might want something with less noise.

Easier to Clean

The key caps on mechanical keyboards can be easily removed and replaced for cleaning. For people who like to keep their computers clean and are frequently removing keycaps to get any crumbs and dirt gathering underneath will celebrate the accessibility mechanical keyboards offer.

Ultimately, your purchasing decision may be influenced by your budget. However, for those with the resources, mechanical keyboards are one instance where newer technology isn’t necessarily better.