Handling a small business could be like one man army fight. Handling accounts, sales, administration, shipping etc all has to be managed by one person. For such people Apple has designed a few apps to help with their business work in a faster and efficient manner.

iphone apps for small business

Here are 5 such apps for the Entrepreneurs:

1. Invoice2Go: This app for your iPhone or iPad helps you make your own invoice, purchase orders, memos etc for your phone or tablet. There are 20 designs available from which you can choose a suitable template for your business. You can customize your invoices, preview them and send them as PDF documents. This app is available for service business and product business.

2. Docusign Ink: This app saves you a lot time and energy from avoiding the necessity of printing and scanning documents. It helps you sign all the documents and office papers electronically. You can take a picture of the document you have to sign, with your iPhone camera or import it from cloud drive and this app converts the document so that you can drag your pre set sign into the document. You can then save the document and send it accordingly.

 3. Bento 4 –iPad: This is a revolutionary app available for iPad. It helps you organize clients and contacts, plan events, make plan to do lists, organize files like music, photos, movies, stores login details etc. With this app you can bring all the necessary info under one screen. It comes with 25 database templates which are ready to use and can be customized according to your need to organize whatever you need. It costs $9.99.

4.Concur: This app is for people who travel regularly and have to organize things.  You can use this app for reserving hotel rooms, airlines etc and once done you can check your expenses. With this app you can scan the receipts, use e-receipts etc. At the end of the trip you can gather all the info together and make a final report. It costs $8 per month.

5. Delivery Status Touch: This app is useful for those who send or receive packages a lot every month. This is the best package tracker widget. This app works with all the major services that deal in delivery services like Apple, Amazon, FedEx, DHL etc. It costs $4.99.


These are 5 best Little Apps for Entrepreneurs. Keep your business going with the help of these iPhone and iPad apps.