Top 5 iPhone Apps for Business

The iPhone is a terrific tool that can help you in a variety of different areas, including in the world of business. If you want to turn your iPhone into a perfect business tool, you should consider the apps below, all of which will be extremely useful.

1: OmniFocus

If you have a busy schedule and lots of meetings, it can be extremely difficult to remember everything. For situations like that there is OmniFocus, a $20 task manager app that handles all of your day to day activities as well as special meetings and travel arrangements. This app allows you to sort meetings by project, place, person, or date, depending on your business needs. It can also be a useful tool to scheduling non business arrangements.

2: CamCard

This $7 app makes developing new contact lists a breeze. When you get somebody else’s business card, you can use this app instead of having to input the contact information on the card into a database. CamCard takes a picture of the business card, automatically detects the fields you are looking for, and breaks them down into database format. This saves a lot of time and ensures an accurate and efficient contacts database.

3: Evernote

If you come up with ideas or make important arrangements out of reach of a memo pad, this free app can be used to keep track of almost anything. The app makes quick notes for you using pictures, text, or voice. It’s a great way to make reminders to yourself during a meeting or when you talk to a colleague in the hall. The voice input is very accurate and can be used as a way to leave notes to yourself without having to stop and write them down.

4: Cisco WebEx Virtual Meeting

Another free app, this tool allows you to join conferences remotely. Teleconferencing is becoming an increasing necessity in the modern business world, and the use of this app means that you can join in on conference calls or meetings without having to be tethered to a phone or a work station. In addition to patching you in with voice and video, you can present information such as charts and graphs from your phone to the people on the other end of the connection.

5: Scanner Pro

Most offices are trying to minimize the amount of paper they are using, but not everybody has a scanner ready at all times. This $7 app turns your iPhone into a portable scanner. All you have to do is take a picture of the document using your camera, and the app converts it to a file format that can be sent to others or stored on a shared drive. This is a great way to handle documents, checks, and other data that you want to store without having to deal with lots of paper.

The apps listed above are all reasonably priced and very effective tools that can help enhance any business. In today’s fast paced world, you can use these apps to do virtually any aspect of your job on the go.

About the author: James Stanco is a freelance writer and creative designer  working for, a popular website where you can design your own customized iPad case.