The usual scenario of the streets on the launch day of an Apple product would be like, it is buzzing with people ready for the stores to open and the consumers would wait eagerly to lay their hands on the Apple device. But, this was not the scene on the day of launch of iPad mini. It looked like less of a circus than most of the debut days of Apple products.

Here are the possible five reasons for the scenario.

1.May be the device is Uninteresting. This might or might not be the reason. Because after the killer combination of its low price and cute small form it does not seem to un-interest the customers. But you can never predict a customer’s mind.
2.      It might be appealing in many ways, but not to the extent of waiting in lines on the day one. There are not many people who wish to own both the big and small iPad . Even the most hardcore fans might choose one over the other. Only some of the die hard fans who wish to have the small and larger version sat out the launch. Others probably would buy it for the reason that they do not care to spend $499 or more on it and will buy it at their leisure.
3.      People who are waiting for the next one. The shorter lines could also be to the reason that they are waiting for the second generation of iPad mini, hopefully the one with a retinal display.
4.      Online ordering. Consumers get smart. Instead of spending hours waiting in the line outside the stores even before the sun rises, they could order it online. It is the best way to buy an iPad.

5.      Quick sell Method. When users bought iPhone 5, they had to spend hours in the store for paperwork, activation and transactions with the carriers however, selling iPad mini seems to be less painful. The users have to just decide the color and capacity and run the credit card transaction and that is it, they own a iPad mini. This could be the reason for shorter queues in front of the stores.

These are the 5 reasons why they were less number of people at the Apple stores on the launch of iPad mini.