Need a computer technician for your home computer?

1ComputerServices (1CS) is a Toronto based computer service business with an office in Barrie, Ontario having extensive experience providing services to home computer systems. The company prides itself on providing first class solutions, repairs and support to your PC or MAC. 1CS technicians can solve issues in the following areas: general computer troubleshooting, troubleshoot slow computer, data backup and recovery, internet setup, firewall setup, computer security, network security, network troubleshooting, virus removal, reformat operating system, partition hard drive, computer training, software installation/upgrade, hardware installation/upgrade, file servers and print servers, computer maintenance, lost/stolen password, printing problems, purchase guidance, home office setup, mobile device won’t sync, power line Ethernet, wiring/cabling, home entertainment system integration and much more.



The company’s general service rate for residential or home based computer systems is $74.99 CAD + HST per hour. The minimum charge is $50 and the geographic service area includes the entire city of Toronto, Ontario, Barrie, Ontario and certain parts of the Greater Toronto Area like Mississauga, Vaughan and Markham. Please note that any service call more than 30 minutes away from Toronto’s city hall will require a $20 gas fee. The company is available between the hours of 7am and 11pm, daily from Monday to Sunday, to service your home computer, your home office computer system including network or your mobile device. Most of the services offered are software based, 1CS’s knows hardware, can guide you through what hardware you need and can set it up for you but when it comes to physical repairs to hardware, it’s likely 1CS will need to call an affiliated contractor to carry-out the repairs. 1CS also offers computer services remotely and with your permission, can access your computer from another location and carry-out the repairs to your software without physically being in front of your computer.

Aside from repairs, 1CS can also guide you through the setting up a new computer system which meets your needs. If this is something you want it is likely 1CS will want to meet with you and assess your needs, taking a look at your current setup and going from there. 1CS will give you meaningful consultation throughout the process and 1CS technicians will treat you with courtesy and respect. 1CS can setup a single computer or design and entire network of computers to function with other devices like printers, scanners, email, internet, TV or other similar technology. If you are looking for a reliable IT service, give 1ComputerServices a call.