Let’s cut to the chase. All you need to do is buy thousands of followers for the social media lover in your life, and they’ll love you forever. Simple isn’t it? Well, not really. Celebrities and influencers are pros in this buying scheme. But if your recipient just wants to have fun and record short dance crazes, they just need a little something to up their game.

Or maybe do the complete opposite and take a break from it all, do a social media detox, and then come back with more quality content. Either way, here are 5 gifts they will surely love:

1.   Spa Gift Basket

If you think they need the latter or they’re thinking about it but don’t know how to start, a home spa moment sounds just about right. This spa gift basket has everything they need to relax, feel pampered, and rest their body, especially their eyes.

They can’t use their phone, of course, or that’ll defeat the purpose of this self-care ritual. You can also join them for a nice catchup – the perfect bonding experience.

2.   Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Make sure their eyes are well-protected with blue-light-blocking glasses. They can remove these while taking aesthetic photos, but there are also ones that look cool and chic that adding them to their outfit would make sense.

This is a practical yet thoughtful gift for anyone who spends hours in front of the screen, be it for work or play.

3.   Personalized Phone Case

Add a personal touch to their gift by customizing their phone case. It’s perfect for mirror selfies and for simply feeling their phone is an extension of their creative expression.

You can even slide in your funny photos or anything that’ll make them remember you and your fun moments spent together.

4.   Posture Trainer & Corrector

If your giftee takes social media seriously and works as an editor, manager, or advertiser, they would appreciate a gift that will make sitting at a desk all day a comfier experience. Not because of a cozy chair or massager (although that would be nice!), but because their body has adjusted to a healthier and much comfortable sitting position with a posture trainer. 

This handy device will vibrate and tell them if they’re slouching through an app. It also has exercises that promote better posture.

5.   Blue Light Defense Skin Protectant

Tech meets skincare in this blue-light shielding beauty product. Just like our eyes, our skin needs protection from harmful blue light as well. If your recipient is on the whole skincare trend, they will love another self-care primer that will go hand in hand with their social media screen time.

Pro gifter tip: If you’re feeling generous, combine multiple gifts in one package. Include one or two more gifts above in the spa gift basket and insert a sweet little note cheering them on and expressing how much you care.