7 ways to use your old phone

As time passes by your mobile becomes old and we become bored with these old unused but perfectly usable phones. It is ideal to find a way to either use them in some way or the other or get rid of the m properly. Here are 7 ways to do so.

dispose your old mobile phone

1.      Pocket watch

It is not that you cannot afford a watch or hate wearing one. It’s all about making use of old things at times of need instead of buying new ones. If power goes on and off at your place and you need to reset your wall clock, this when unused phones come handy. Have your old unused phones charged and ready and you will always have proper time even though you do not have a cell phone plan for that phone.

2.   Flashlight

Have you ever found yourself waking up in the night and make your way to the fridge or to the bathroom in the dark and stumbled across the furniture? You would try to find your flashlight but only in vain. Save those painful moments disturbing your sleep and put your old phone to use. Cell phones emit soft light, adequate enough to see where you are going. Instead of paying for a flash light just put your old cell phone to use and save some bucks.

3.     Digital Camera

Everybody loves digital cameras and wants to save those Kodak moments. You, do not have to worry if you do not own one or forgot carrying your camera with you. Most of the phones have cameras built in them with digital quality, even the old ones. So, use your old phones as digital cameras. Find the ones that have an external card or USB cord, so that you can retrieve the photos.

4.      911 Emergency phone

Cell phone carriers at least in the US should design the phones to be able to access 911, whether are activated or not. It means, any phone that is old and lying around should be able to make an emergency call to 911. This could be very helpful in many situations. For example, keeping one charged phone in your car to call emergency 911 in case of an intrusion in your home.

Properly dispose of it!

5.      Sell it for Cash

If you have a lot of phones sitting in your drawers, get a little extra cash for them. Sell them on sites like e-bay or sites like Venjuvo, where you can get cash for your old electronics and gadgets. There are sure lot of people who would buy old phones.

6.      Donate It

There are many organizations that will take used cell phones. For example, organizations that provide shelter to women or old people, can use these old phones in case of emergencies. There are also organizations that take old mobile phones and sell them to recycling centers and use that money for charity purposes. It’s a good option as you are helping in an indirect way.

7.      Return it

In most of the cases, the stores where you bought your phone might be obligated to take them back. In some areas, retailers that sell electronic equipment need to be able to expose it also. Most of them either recycle or donate them on your behalf. This option of disposal might be the easiest but could be less rewarding. So, you have to make a choice.

These are the 7 ways to use your old phone, instead of having them stored in your drawer unused.

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