In the digital marketing world, there are multiple approaches to advertise your product. In which SMS marketing is one of the effective ways.

Unlike email marketing, SMS marketing is one of the most commonly used marketing channels. This approach can help every business to communicate with their interested customers. A text message can reach more quickly than the social media post.

Most businesses prefer bulk sms text messaging to reach their customers. Sending bulk messages at once will help you to connect with a larger and targeted audience.

As per a recent survey,

  • Over 6 billion people use smartphones
  • 98% of all text messages can be seen and also read within a period of 5 seconds
  • More than 32% of customers responded to ongoing offers and sales
  • 35 per cent of customer response to a business invitation for review, rating, etc

What could be an easy and convenient way to communicate with everyone? Using a bulk sms platform. SMS marketing is a personal approach to marketing your product. But, how can you execute an email marketing strategy in your business?

Following are 8 easy ways for building a successful SMS marketing campaign

        1.Build a positive marketing list

To run a successful SMS marketing campaign, you need to know who is your target and potential customer is? For whom you’re selling your product or service?

Creating a marketing list is important because every SMS needs to be based on the targeted customer.

Sending the right SMS at the right time to the targeted customer is more useful. If you send a right message for a wrong consumer can be considered as spam.

Analyze completely before sending a message to your customer. First thing, you should maintain a contact list of your customer. The list may include the customers of past and present.

  1. Offer Value

The SMS you sent to your customer should be worth their time. Most people complain or unsubscribe when they receive the wrong message. Therefore your text message should not waste a consumer’s time by giving offers that customer can get outside.

Executing an SMS marketing campaign with great ideas is important

  • Contests
  • New and existing deals
  • Offering free product
  • BOGO sale
  • Exclusive deals

Tracking your customer is one of the ways to watch if your SMS marketing campaign is delivering properly or not. If maximum people click on the call-to-action button, then your SMS campaign has gained the customer’s interest.

  1. Personalise your SMS

In this modern business world, personalising is a key factor. Reaching your customers in a personalized way can generate maximum ROI. SMS marketing is a valuable method in order to reach potential customers. Most businesses prefer SMS marketing campaign because it offers transparent prices and flexible delivery. The text message can be a notification, introducing a product or others.

As there are many businesses introducing day by day. It’s difficult to sustain in peek competition. Therefore your message must be unique and worth reading.

  • Start with your business name
  • Adding your customer name would be a great thing
  • Personalise your message
  • End the message with account manager details
  1. Timing is Everything

It’s 3:30 AM, you’ve received a text message related to marketing. Would you like to receive a promotional SMS late at night or early in the morning? No way right. Therefore sending SMS to your customer at an appropriate time really matters.

Maintain business hours, It creates a sense by sending a marketing text message between business hours. Particularly on the weekdays.

Don’t send during rush hours i.e before and after hectic work. Also, avoid sending SMS on Monday. As per research, the SMS sent on Monday has a low response rate.

  1. Language Matters

Let’s consider a sales call, how will you handle the sales call with your customer? Obviously depends upon the regional language of your customer right.  Having a conversation with your customers is not a new concept. Every business across the globe have been implementing from ages.

There is a limit for SMS i.e 160 characters. Within 160 characters you should convey the message in a proper tone. Provide a message with an amazing offer that your customer cannot refuse.

  1. Start your message with an amazing offer

Connecting with your targeted customers with SMS marketing is an effective technique.

Nobody likes to receive a marketing text message unless the SMS offers something valuable. Including current sales and on-going offers is an amazing idea.  By including the real-time offer can increase the response rate.

  • Amazing offer
  • Exclusive deal only for you
  • Last minute deals
  • Clearance sale
  1. Keep it Fun

Want to attract more customers? then create your SMS in a fun-loving way. Most businesses sent SMS in an informational format to their customers. But here is where every business fails. Create a fun, short, simple and sweet text message to attract more audience.

SMS is a personal medium, by making SMS campaign as an entertaining will perfectly work. Making your message with tricky games and quirky memes will have a maximum reach.

  1. Call-to-action

Gaining attention from your ideal customers requires more creativity. Including call-to-action buttons in SMS is a strong method for engaging target customers. Call-to-buttons plays a key role in every business.

  • Sign-up and win
  • Click here
  • SMS to vote
  • Shop Now
  • We’re hiring

These call-to-action buttons will guide your customers on the website or landing pages.