Having a phone can be expensive and time consuming, but they are ultimately fully necessary in the modern world. Consequently, it’s only natural that users demand guaranteed safety and security for their gadget when navigating it. Accessories are the clear way forward to meet this end, stacked with advantageous addons that give benefits to the buyer. Here are the top 4 accessories that will keep your phone safe and secure.

  • Green Casing

The average joe is obsessed with their phone, and when it goes off, frantic digging into pockets and bags often ensue. Amidst the fray, the drastic drop of the mobile can occur, leaving both mobiles and hearts broken. However, the green case minimalizes the impact as best it may, protecting the gadget with ease and convenient comfort. If nothing else, through solar powering and waterproof features, the case does its bit to save the world and the phone at the same time!


  • Light-Up Casing

Losing a mobile in the dark is nothing short of a nightmare. Additionally, such devices can slip out of the pocket when sat or lying down, endlessly falling behind furniture or into the cracks of a sofa. Que the relentless ringing to locate the lost mobile phone! Of course, light-up casing shines a big bright beam on this issue, making sure no phone gets left behind in the dark. A beacon of brilliant tech, the glow can be used as a makeshift torch too, keeping the user safe in turn!


  • Pulpy Popsockets

Thanks to popular apps such as Netflix and YouTube, many use their mobile screens to view their favourite shows. Although, smartphones hardly invite stable viewing by their original design, regardless of whether they are in a wobbly hand or propped against the nearby fruit bowl, inviting eventual disaster. However, companies such as Popsockets offer a ready range of deals in phone stands, keeping phones literally safe and secure in a steady hold. Cheap and tiny, these nifty products make endlessly fussing with the phone for the best angle a thing of the past.


  • Slick Screen Protectors

While phone cases are enormously useful, they of course only protect the back end of the gadget. This means that, when dropped, there is a 50/50 percent chance of the odds being in your favour. Or does it? After all, screen protectors can swoop in to save the day, fixed effortlessly to the screen without suppressing their shine. Fully shatterproof and cheap to acquire, this accessory is a must have for those prone to breaking their phone!