Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay: Which one is Better?

Apple and Google have contributed a great deal connecting cars with smartphones. Both have launched their respective in-car technologies known as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, providing drivers thefunctionality oftheirsmartphone through voice recognition technology. Additionally, both are working (Apple still did not announce its plans) on self driving technologies to provide motorists a driverless experience. The tech giants do not offer any spare parts though, so you may have to check stores like to install these advanced technologies in your vehicle. Let’s go for Android Auto vs Apple CarpLay comparison and find out which one is the better?

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay

Let’s compare Android Auto withApple CarPlay to figure out the main difference between the two systems. Talking about the interface, both systems resemble the actual smartphone OS. The Apple CarPlay features large icons on the screen and there are no submenus or drop-down lists.Just one click is needed to open an app.On the other hand, Android Auto interface hasa shortcut to certain functions on the bottom edge of the screen. This is very useful, as you donot have to search through the home screen to access the media player or the navigation app.

Another interesting feature on Android Auto is ‘Google Now’, which displays information cards based on your habits and activities. For example, when you leave your workplace, Google Now will automatically search for the best possible route to reach home and feed it onto the navigation app. Android Auto uses Google Maps to navigate around the town, provides real-time traffic update and supports voice recognition too.Apple CarPlay makes use of Apple Maps, which also gets the job done, but critics usually prefer Google Maps due to its user-friendliness.

For messaging, Apple CarPlay uses the traditional iOS messaging app, which reads the messages loud to the driver and the reply is sent via Siri voice function. However, to send messages over any third-party app, you would have to park your car first and then use the app. With Android Auto, messages from Whatsapp, Skype ICQ, Kik are all handled like regular SMS and can be read out loud and replied to via voice commands.

The voice recognition and search feature in both CarPlay and Android Auto allows the driver to send messages, make calls and control the navigation unit conveniently.


To conclude, we would say that the Android Auto better functionality and user-friendly interface than Apple CarPlay, but it depends on what you are comfortable with. For those who have used an iPhone all their life, the Apple CarPlay will definitely be a preferable choice.